Canadian Pastor Reported Arrested And In Solitary Confinement After Speaking To Truckers

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who has butted heads with Canadian tyrants seeking to criminalize the practice of religious freedom throughout the pandemic, was arrested again just before he planned to speak to a group of Canadian truckers opposed to the nation’s draconian Covid-19 mandates.

The pastor, who reportedly is of the Cave of Adallum Church and Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, was arrested before he was apparently headed for a church service at a trucker-created blockade by the country’s border.

“I do not cooperate with Nazis,” Pawlowski confidently declared after Canadian cops complained of him not standing up in order to assist with their arrest.

Pawlowski is thankfully not alone. Shortly after his arrest, the pastor’s brother, Dawid Pawlowski, read a statement from Artur on Feb. 10 discussing what he described as abusive conditions in the Canadian jail.

“He was strip-searched twice and checked for contraband,” Dawid began.

He was forced to go to the bathroom with an officer present and watching. They locked him twice in a small cage resembling a dog kennel with no air circulation, suffocating him for many hours, all without water to drink. After that, he was subjugated to a hard bench three times for hours on end all without any water to drink. When they took him back to his cell, his room was all upside down, flipped and searched for contraband. His bible was confiscated, and his narrated letter that was written to his lawyer was also confiscated.

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“I guess in a kind of new Iron Curtain of Chinada you’re not allowed to voice your dissatisfaction with the wicked, evil, lying, deceiving, corrupted government official,” Artur Pawlowski told Canadian outlet Rebel News from jail after the Jan. 1 arrest. “I was handcuffed, arrested for breach, for mischief, and for obstruction, for whatever reason, I don’t really know, but those are the charges that I am facing.”

Big League Politics previously covered other draconian treatment of the pastor by the Canadian government following an October court order ruling that he must explicitly label any of his own views surrounding the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as contradictory to the “medical experts,” while also explaining their beliefs. Some believe that the ruling was motivated by a political agenda rather than following the rule of law; a judge on the matter concluded that “if the three pandemic-denying, anti-mask leaders continued to preach to their followers, they must also present the perspective of medical experts.”

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