Canadian ‘Stella Luna’ Café Forced to Close After Owner Endures Terror Threats for Supporting Trucker Freedom Convoy

A cafe owner was forced to shutter her popular Gelato café, Stella Luna, after she was deluged with terror threats over sending a donation to the popular Canadian freedom trucker convoy movement.

The cafe owner, Tammy Giuliani, is being forced to grovel for exercising her conscience as the left-wing mob serves as a volunteer Stasi of sorts with help from a compliant media apparatus.

“We got a call from the team saying, ‘We’re getting phone calls here,’” Giuliani told the Ottawa Citizen. “I said, ‘What’s going on?’ and they said, ‘They’re threatening to throw bricks through our window. They’re threatening to come and get us.’ We said, ‘Lock the door and we’ll find out what’s going on.’”

Giuliani hopes that groveling will make the mob go away, parroting baseless regime talking points that the trucker convoy is some kind of hate movement.

“When a group of people first decided they were going to travel across the country to spread this message of solidarity, it seemed like a beacon of hope for small businesses like us,” she said. “It’s no surprise that small businesses have been on the edge. Families are at risk of losing their livelihood. I’m a sucker for a grassroots cause.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate what has transpired over the past couple of weeks,” Giuliani continued. “None of us anticipated what it turned into and we certainly don’t condone it.

“In retrospect it was bad judgment, but does that mean that people have a right to threaten our staff? Does it mean people have the right to threaten to throw bricks though our window and to threaten my family? We made a mistake. Who could have anticipated it?” she added.

Even though Giuliani surrendered her self-respect and shamed herself publicly, the liberal media continues to drag her through the mud and make an example of her:

Big League Politics has reported on the crackdown against the freedom trucker convoy by Trudeau regime that is rapidly losing legitimacy:

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association lambasted Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented use of emergency powers utilized to criminalize truckers and their supporters who are protesting in the name of freedom across Canada.

The association released a statement on Twitter which read:

“The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act. This law creates a high and clear standard for good reason: the Act allows government to bypass ordinary democratic processes. This standard has not been met.

The Emergencies Act can only be invoked when a situation ‘seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada’ & when the situation ‘cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada.’

Governments regularly deal with difficult situations, and do so using powers granted to them by democratically elected representatives. Emergency legislation should not be normalized. It threatens our democracy and our civil liberties. #cdnpoli

… Trudeau’s heavy-handed attitude towards the Canadian truckers and other protestors have drawn criticism from many, especially star players in the Canadian Conservative party such as potential future leader Pierre Poilievre, who ripped Justin Trudeau over his handling of the ongoing freedom protests and urged him to end his repeated draconian restrictions and smears once and for all.

The Orwellian nightmare is ramping up because the people are waking up and standing up. Now is the time to double down, not relent. Giuliani made a huge mistake by showing weakness.

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