#CancelNetflix: Netflix Stock Tanking As Viewers Unsubscribe Over “Cuties”

The stock of streaming giant Netflix took a considerable plunge on Monday, with experts chalking up the bad news for the company to a backlash over the French film ‘Cuties.’

Netflix’s stock opened Monday at $480, a decline from its value last week of around $523. The decline is easily visible on index trackers, and the blowout correlates almost exactly to the wave of public discontent over the film.

‘Cuties’ is about a 12-year girl from an African Muslim family who moves to France, where she joins a “free spirited dance crew.” The movie contains at-length scenes of children performing in sexually suggestive dance, leading to a backlash from the public who are calling out the streaming giant for hosting what some are considering soft child pornography.

Opponents of Cuties have trended the hashtag #CancelNetflix, urging Netflix subscribers to end their relationship with the company over the film’s publishing. It appears quite a few of them have, and the costs for the company have been reflected in the decline of its stock prices.

Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have urged the Justice Department to begin a possible investigation of Netflix for distributing Cuties in the United States, possibly spelling legal ramifications for the company, which takes in a revenue of more than twenty billion dollars a year.

It’s been almost exclusively conservatives who have voiced opposition to the movie, with a handful of progressives such as Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard joining in to condemn it for the sexualization of children.

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