Candace Owens is Greeted by Adoring Fans at First Campus Appearance Since ‘White Lives Matter’ Controversy

CREDIT: John Clore / US Against Media

Blexit founder and documentarian Candace Owens played to a packed house at Michigan State University on Thursday where she addressed the “White Lives Matter” controversy and other major issues.

There were lines going throughout multiple floors in the Eli Broad School of Business as students and adults clamored to see the rising conservative superstar. There were hundreds who could not make it into the auditorium that held approximately 1,000 people. There were bomb threats and other violence in an attempt to stop the event but nobody was deferred.

Owens’ appearance was part of the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) Live Free Tour. She started her speech by giving an epitaph for the Black Lives Matter movement.
“If you’re looking at someone’s skin color and telling them they should not be heard, you’re a racist,” she said.
Owens criticized professors for pushing divisive racial theories under the banner of diversity, equity and inclusion and urged students to get away from the campus lifestyle before it consumes them. She argued that going to college to get a worthless degree because of peer pressure is not worth it.
“A lot of people don’t know what they’re doing in college but they go to classes and take out student loans because they’re insecure,” she said.
At this point, a mob of leftists tried to shout down the event but were ushered out by cops after being drown out by patriots. The entire confrontation seemed to only electrify the audience further.
“I think we found the gender studies majors,” Owens said to raucous applause and laughter after the hecklers were ejected.
She explained how President Donald Trump won her over after she was previously a liberal Obama and Bernie Sanders supporter, little by little, but ultimately it was the media lies levied against Trump which truly opened her eyes. Owens started reading black conservative thinkers like economist Thomas Sowell, and then she was fully awake (not woke).
“In the 1950s under Jim Crow when we had segregation in this country, black Americans were still outpacing white Americans in terms of economic growth,” she said,
Then the state came into picture, particularly through former President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program, and subsidized single motherhood, destroying the black community. Owens said that blacks are in prison at a disproportionate level because they are committing a disproportionate number of crimes.
“Every effort that you see today is about tearing up families,” she said. “What better way to ensure people will not grow up to have happy stable families than to given children puberty blockers that will forever fundamentally change their biological makeup?”
Owens said that puberty blockers are chemical castration and blamed liberals with “TikTok eyes” for pushing this nonsense. She contended that parents who transition their children are abusers and should have their kids taken away. She also slammed the green new deal, the scam of climate change scam, and called leftist environmentalism a false flag for totalitarian communism.
“There is no society that can survive without strong men,” Owens said, criticizing modern feminism,
She took questions from the audience at the end of the program where she gave tips on how to speak to the Left, how to come out as a conservative on campus, why people still believe in Black Lives Matter despite it being an obvious scam, COVID-19 and the mandatory vaccine push, maintaining friendships with leftists, and explaining her experiences with Kanye West in Paris.
Owens said that when she met West in Paris recently, he presented her with a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt and told her to put it on. She immediately obliged.
“The one thing I would not want to be in this society is a straight white male,” she said. “If you buy into your own oppression, you will become your own oppressor.”
“Go with truth above friendships and the friendships will follow,” Owens gave as some advice for the students while concluding her speech.

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