Capitol Police Seek Assistance from National Guard in Anticipation of DC Freedom Convoy

There are many different convoy groups that plan on gathering in DC throughout march, all with varying routes and arrival dates in order to protest the government’s abuse of power.

Many groups of the DC Freedom Convoy plan on reaching the National Mall in Washington on March 1st in order to attend the president’s state of the union address. According to one video posted on twitter by freedom convoy representatives, the bulk of the convoy has obtained permits from the national mall to gather in protest. This was a necessary measure after seeing how the Canadian Freedom Convoy was brutally treated when they attempted to resist government overreach un-permitted. 

Mayor of D.C. Muriel Bowser and the Pentagon have validated the claims that the assistance of the National Guard has been requested. This is the opposite of a warm welcome for fellow Americans utilizing their 1st amendment by peacefully assembling.

It’s no surprise that after seeing the major following the Canadian Trucker Convoy received, politicians in Washington who are advocates for the senseless and life-altering vaccine and mask mandates are terrified. With Washington calling in the national guard, we can reasonably determine that these same government officials would do everything in their power to disrupt the convoy.

We can already see legal loopholes in the constitution being set up for exploitation by mayor Muriel Bowser and the pentagon stating the national guard are watching for “possible disruption at key traffic arteries”.

Seemingly gearing to repeat the same anti-democratic actions taken by Canada, halting the protest due to some sort of “endangering public safety” issue. Which is how Justin Trudeau enacted his draconian measures against his own Canadian citizens who were protesting peacefully. 

“We are coming peacefully, and we are going to do this lawfully and constitutionally.” Says a DC Freedom Convoy representative who identifies as a politically unaffiliated, small business owning father. “We just want this government overreach to end.”

Everyone is wondering how this demonstration is going to play out. All we can hope for is that justice will prevail, and the people’s voices will be heard as the founding fathers intended. 

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