Capitol Riot Investigators Struggling to Find Homicide Evidence in Death of Officer Brian Sicknick

The Capitol Police officer who died following the raucous protest on January 6th may ultimately have died as the result of a preexisting medical condition, as opposed to a homicide.

CNN reported that federal investigators probing for evidence of a homicide in the death of Officer Brian Sicknick have “struggled” to find camera or photography evidence suggesting that Sicknick died as a result of his interactions with raucous protestors at the Capitol that day. Sicknick is reported to have collapsed at a Capitol Police facility following the repulsion of riotous protestors from the scene.

Initial reports surrounding Sicknick’s death had suggested he was struck with a fire extinguisher during the event, but investigations into his death haven’t corroborated evidence of such an assault. Federal investigators have also reportedly probed the potential use of any chemical agents during the protests, but nothing’s been found.

The US Capitol features a wide-ranging and active CCTV system. It’s hard to imagine that Sicknick could’ve died as a result of injuries suffered from the riot and that camera evidence of the altercation in question wouldn’t have been captured. An autopsy was conducted following Sicknick’s death, although specific conclusions regarding the casualty are yet to be released to the public.

President Joe Biden paid respects to the deceased police officer as his body laid in state at the Capitol on Tuesday.

Officer Sicknick was a Donald Trump supporter and anti-war Iraq War veteran who even featured a photo of President Trump’s private plane on his Twitter account. His death is a profound tragedy regardless of the circumstances surrounding it and the political ramifications.

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