Car Thieves in London Can Now Act With Virtual Impunity

According to a Summit News report, car theft in London is now de facto decriminalized. New reports have surfaced indicating that less than 1% of vehicle thefts in London end up with criminal charges. 

“Out of the nearly 55,000 thefts from vehicles in London last year, Scotland Yard only solved 271, representing just an 0.5 per cent success rate, according to an analysis of Home Office data conducted by The Telegraph,” per a Breitbart report.

“According to the broadsheet, only two major police forces fared worse than London in successfully charging car thieves, with the West Midlands and Surrey police forces only maintaining a 0.4 per cent charging rate,” the report added. 

In light of these figures, Rick Muir, the director of the Police Foundation think tank, said that car thefts had been “effectively decriminalized” and that this has encouraged criminals to continue carrying out similar crimes, knowing full well that they won’t be brought to justice. 

“There are certain things the public expect of police, one of which is that they will at least investigate these bread and butter crimes,” stated Muir.

“Policing is going to have to look at these levels and decide if it has got it right. Where the charge rates are at that level, there is no deterrence to commit these kinds of offences and it might encourage people to commit them in future,” Muir continued.

Britain is notorious for its anarcho-tyrannical policies, where law enforcement focuses on policing people’s online commentary, while letting real criminals run loose. According to Summit News, British police arrested 3,395 individuals for “offensive online comments” throughout 2017. 

The West is facing a cultural and institutional crisis as wokism has infected all levels of government and the broader culture. As this civilization rot accumulates, people’s everyday lives will be completely up-ended as they wake up and realize that they are strangers in the very lands that they and their ancestors previously cultivated. This post-Western environment will be one marked by high crime, demographic collapse, deteriorating social trust, sexual deviancy, and overall decline. 

Ultimately, it’s incumbent upon right-wing populists to prevent this kind of dystopia from fully taking root. 

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