Caravan Baby Suffers Chickenpox, Malnutrition, Father Refuses Aid to Stay Course To U.S.

Migrant Caravan Father Refuses Treatment Sick Child
Credit: Radio Formula

A Mexican radio station reports that a Honduran father refused medical help and a Humanitarian Visa to treat his child’s chickenpox and severe malnutrition so he could continue traveling to the United States with the Honduran migrant caravan.

Radio Formula reports a shocking case of parental neglect within the Honduran migrant caravan heading for the United States, as the parents of a six month old baby, sick with chicken pox and suffering from malnutrition, refused an unprecedented offer from the Mexican government to provide a Humanitarian Visa and six months of treatment for the deathly ill child.

On Twitter, Radio Formula journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva posted a video showing the parents’ apathy toward the fate of their child, adding the message “This baby with chicken pox that travels in #CaravanaMigrante is on the verge of death and his parents do not seem to care.” Leyva added that Mexico’s Institute for Migration “offered them a humanitarian VISA and medical attention, but they rejected all the help.”

According to Radio Formula, at the authorities’ insistence the father agreed to spend one night in Hidalgo, Mexico so his child could receive emergency medical treatment. The next day the father refused further treatment and attempted to rejoin the caravan, telling the doctors it was “because his friends had already advanced along with the caravan.”

President Donald Trump has remained insistent that the caravan will be met with force should it attempt to enter the United States, even as powerful Democrats are revealed as the source of its origin, and members of the caravan have started to make violent threats against the United States.

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