Cardi B: “Admit That Your President Is F***** Up This Country”

In the wake of the Cardi B v. Tomi Lahren Twitter fight, the rapper is struggling with the ‘harassment’ she’s facing on social media.Now playing the victim card, Cardi claims that conservatives have been saying “the most disgusting things” to her since she released the video spouting her knowledge on the government shutdown.

Cardi B is now demanding that conservatives admit their President is “f*****'” up the country.  Being the latest music star to suddenly possess political insight, she states that, “our country is in a hellhole over a f*cking wall”.

Wanting to get involved in the political sphere has proven to be too much for the rapper to handle. Maybe Cardi should have thought twice before getting involved in the political world.

Receiving many responses from her new interest in political issues, one response comes from Stephanie Hamill, video columnist at The Daily Caller.

Nonetheless, after getting called out on her scandalous music videos that do not empower women, Cardi B tries to combat the questioning:

However, Cardi fails to see that she is playing into the ideology that the #MeToo movement tries so hard to exterminate – treating women as objects.

The vulgar Bodak Yellow and Money rapper has no problem playing up her sexuality – thus contradicting the #MeToo movement as a whole. After threatening violence on Tomi Lahren for poking fun at the rapper’s “genius political mind”.

Interestingly, Cardi plays the victim card in facing harassment when she began the violent threats against Conservative journalists. With her Tweet advocating violence against Tomi Lahren, Lahren is now receiving more threats:

The double-standard that the rapper is playing to is absurd. She claims she is facing verbal harassment, yet praises the physical threats to conservatives. Just another reason musicians should stick to what they actually know – music.

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