Career Criminal Freed in Coronavirus Jailbreak Charged With Home Invasion Murder

A Maryland man freed from jail has been re-arrested and charged in a home invasion murder, in which a 63-year old man was killed in the presence of his 16-year old daughter.

Justin Wilson had been granted an emergency motion for release from the Montgomery County Detention Center, already facing several charges of theft, plus rogue and vagabond. Court filings reveal that Wilson was released on a coronavirus reprieve.

Wilson is currently in police custody in Virginia, awaiting extradition to Montgomery County, Maryland, where he’s wanted in connection to the stabbing murder of Edigio Ienzi. Ienzi’s 16-year old daughter recounted finding her father struggling his Wilson, who was stabbing him with a knife, on the evening of July 23 in their Germantown home. Ienzi died shortly after first responders arrived at an area hospital.

Wilson had apparently known Ienzi’s son, and had been in the family home years before. Ienzi’s son believes that the 26-year old felon was seeking to steal valuables contained in safes within the home.

Wilson already has multiple felony convictions for crimes. He appears to be the latest jail or prison inmate released from custody to be arrested for involvement in additional crimes. Hundreds of thousands of convicts and pre-trial detainees have been released from corrections systems across the country since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, creating a potent and real public safety threat.

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