Carroll Independent School District Left Texas Association of School Boards

On March 27, 2023, Carroll Independent School District voted 5-1 to exit the Texas Association of School Boards. In doing so, it became the first district in Texas to exit this board association.

Brandon Waltens of Texas Scorecard noted that TASB was set up in 1949 as a voluntary association for school board officials. It boasts all of Texas’ 1025 school districts as members.

Waltens observed that “local taxpayer dollars are used to fund TASB membership fees and services that include training, legal advice, and insurance.”

On top of that, Waltens noted that the organization participates “in taxpayer-funded lobbying on behalf of school district interests, which often conflict with the interests of students, parents, and the taxpayers picking up the tab.”

On the evening of March 27, the school board passed a resolution that ended Carroll ISD’s membership with TASB by the end of 2023. In addition,  the resolution instructs the superintendent to find alternate ways of acquiring the services TASB currently provides.

Carroll ISD’s move didn’t just come out of the blue. It came after several controversial actions TASB took in the past few months. In January, the association suggested its members allow gender-confused students to use restrooms set up for the opposite sex and obscure a student’s preferred name and pronouns if their parents don’t agree with their “gender identity.” In the summer of 2022, TASB sponsored a conference pushing critical race theory. In 2021, TASB refused to address concerns about sexually explicit books in school libraries after Governor Greg Abbott sent the association a public letter urging it to do so. 

Elected officials such as  State Senator Mayes Middleton have previously attacked TASB for being “anti-parent.” He praised Carroll ISD for making this move.

“Carroll ISD has left the anti-parent taxpayer-funded lobbying group Texas Association of School Boards. Thank you Carroll ISD for standing strong with Texas parents,” declared Middleton.

State Representative Brian Harrison approved the decision and predicted that more school boards would exit the system. 

“While Carroll is the first independent school district in 30 years to leave TASB, they will not be the last. I predict and celebrate the fact that TASB will never again be able to say that they represent every school board in Texas,” declared Harrison.

School districts should exit associations that push wokism. Moreover, the Right should infiltrate these systems and get in power to purge them of leftist influence. The ultimate goal is to defund and abolish government schooling systems. This will not happen overnight, but it will require gradual moves to undermine the present system for such a lofty goal to be realized.

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