Cat Fight: AOC and Tulsi Gabbard Go at It Over Voter Fraud Story

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded that Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard apologize to her Democrat colleague Ilhan Omar after allegedly disseminating false information about voter fraud in her district.

At the end of September, Gabbard attempted to drum up awareness for a bill she recently introduced with Illinois Republican Rodney Davis that would have prohibited the use of ballot harvesting.  Gabbard is of the opinion that this practice has the potential for great abuse.

Gabbard pointed to an undercover video from Project Veritas, a watchdog organization known for exposing political corruption, where it depicted how Omar’s campaign was illegally gathering ballots and filling them out in order to pad her vote count in hopes of being re-elected.

“Project Veritas offers further evidence of the need to ban ballot harvesting,” Gabbard said in a Twitter post in which she deleted. “It’s not a partisan issue.”

AOC was fuming and went on Twitter earlier this week to demand that Gabbard issue an apology to Omar.

“You, along with everyone else who amplified this fraudulent story, owe Rep. Omar a public apology,” Ocasio-Cortez remarked.

Gabbard ended up deleting her tweet making reference to Project Veritas following AOC’s demand for her to apologize. Shen then apologized to Omar on Twitter and asked if she and AOC would back her legislation.

“The issue is not about any of us. It’s about voter harvesting,” Gabbard stated. “Ilhan, I apologize for referencing the PV story as an example without thoroughly vetting it.”

Ballot harvesting is legal in a number states and has become a major issue during the 2020 elections, when many people believe there could be huge potential for voter fraud.

The Honolulu Civil Beat gave a brief summary of how vote harvesting works:

Where it is legal, voters are allowed to fill out their mail-in or absentee ballot, seal it in a secure envelope and give it to someone to drop off on their behalf. Those concerned with fraud are worried that those collected ballots could then be altered or disposed of altogether.

As of now, Gabbard’s bill banning ballot harvesting only has four cosponsors, which are all Republicans..

Gabbard has set herself apart by questioning the foreign policy establishment as of late, which has earned her numerous enemies. Although she’s on the Left, Gabbard has not engaged in the unhinged anti-Trump screeching that is typical of the modern-day Left.

Her willingness to buck the status quo every now and then does get her in trouble with the powers that be. For example, she had been subject to Big Tech censorship during the 2020 election cycle because she was viewed as a “Russian asset” by the political establishment.

While not a steadfast ally for America Firsters, Gabbard can be a strategic partner for certain causes.


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