The Catholic Church Might Excommunicate 14 Pro-Abortion Senators

A Catholic Priest in South Carolina is leading the charge to convince Catholic bishops and priests to excommunicate and refuse Holy Communion to fourteen “Catholic” U.S. Senators who voted against banning late-term abortions.


In a blog post on his website, Father Dwight Longenecker wrote about the senators:

“Today is the day for their bishops to issue a formal statement acknowledging that these men and women have publicly denied their Catholic faith, and if not formally, then have informally excommunicated themselves.”

While many Catholic priests and bishops have historically avoided politics, and confrontation of politicians who directly vote against Catholic interests, Father Longenecker believes it is his duty to put them on blast.

In his blog post, Father Longenecker publicly named the senators, and pushed for anyone with a voice to do the same.

The fourteen “Catholic” U.S. Senators who voted against the late-term abortion ban are:

  • “Maria Cantwell – Washington
  • Susan Collins -Maine
  • Dick Durbin – Illinois
  • Kirsten Gillibrand – New York
  • Heidi Heitkamp – North Dakota
  • Tim Kaine – Virginia
  • Patrick Leahy – Vermont
  • Ed Markey – Massachussetts
  • Catherine Cortez Masto – Nevada
  • Claire McCaskill – Missouri
  • Bob Menendez – New Jersey
  • Lisa Murkowski – Alaska
  • Patty Murray – Washington
  • Jack Reed – Rhode Island”

Father Longenecker then went on to call for “the faithful” in their parishes and dioceses to join him in demanding their priests and bishops rebuke the pro-abortion senators immediately.

He proposed they make their voices heard by writing letters, sending emails, and even withholding their contributions to their church until their priests and bishops take notice.

Father Longenecker made his case by stating: “This hideous crime against humanity, this hidden holocaust will not stop until those in authority stand against it publicly and vehemently.”

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