Catholic Church Wants Drivers Licenses for Illegals, Somalis Resettled in Minnesota

Catholic Church leaders in St. Paul and Minneapolis aren’t content with all the third-world Somalis they helped import to Minnesota while collecting federal taxpayer dollars. Now, they want illegal immigrants to have driver’s licenses as well.

House File 1500 (HF1500) is a Democrat-led initiative against the rule of law that would remove an individual’s requirement “to demonstrate United States citizenship or lawful presence in the United States in order to obtain a noncompliant driver’s license or identification card.” Catholic Church leaders of Minnesota are urging their followers to support the legislation. Archbishop Bernard Hebda started his advocacy in February.

“This legislation is an important human rights test. Will we as Minnesotans embrace our brothers and sisters and help them in a way that costs us nothing as a community? Or will we be overcome by what Pope Francis calls a ‘culture of indifference’ that fails in the duty to see the needs of others effectively?” Hebda asked.

Hebda believes that it is inhumane for illegal immigrants not to be allowed to drive around at their own leisure in the land they are invading.

“It is a terrible fear to impose on people and families in our community, and we must do something about it for our brothers and sisters,” the archbishop said of the illegal lawbreakers.

Hebda compares the illegal immigrants to Catholic priests. He believes that an illegal shouldn’t be blamed because of the excessive amount of murders and rapes committed by other illegals in the same manner that a Catholic priest shouldn’t be held accountable despite the fact that thousands of children have been systematically victimized by other priests for decades.

“That’s why it is so painful when all our priests are painted with the same brush stroke [in the Church’s clergy sexual abuse crisis] when you know most of them are great, generous priests. And you’d hate for them all to be penalized because of the bad actions of one priest or bishop,” Hebda said.

Bishop Andrew Cozzens and Minnesota Catholic Conference Executive Director Jason Adkins are effectively doubling down on Hebda’s for call for lawlessness, making sure that it is well-understood that it is the official position of the Catholic Church to stand on behalf of the illegals against law-abiding citizens.

Cozzens and Adkins defended their position with The Catholic Star where they explained to interviewers that they hoped that these policies would be enacted federally against the US Constitution to ensure that all illegal invaders share in these protections.

“We have a job market that depends on immigrants,” Bishop Cozzens said. “But we haven’t been writing our laws to allow people to come here legally. This is the irony of the whole situation. They are not generally taking jobs from Americans. They are taking jobs many Americans don’t want, but that need to be done.”

“Proposals like this have passed,” Director Adkins said. “There was one that passed under the U.S. Senate a few years ago, but was stalled in the House.”

“So we believe in comprehensive reform at the federal level. But, as we well know, as Congress keeps kicking this can down the road, the immigration crisis deepens and the immigration debate gets harder and the challenges become more acute,” he added.

The Catholic Church wants the illegal invaders to win the “immigration debate” because they have been benefactors of federal policy to further skew the US demographics for decades now. According to research compiled by whistle-blower Ann Corcoran, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is one of the nine primary organizations on the federal dole to resettle potentially dangerous third-world refugees into unsuspecting communities.

The USCCB boasts about being responsible for resettling “nearly one-third of all refugees to the U.S. since 1980.” The Center for Immigration Studies determined that the USCCB received over two-thirds of its annual funding courtesy of the taxpayer in 2016.

“Refugees have reinvigorated our economies, brought innovation, and made our communities stronger through their contributions to our public and cultural institutions,” the USCCB wrote in a letter pressuring President Trump to give them more welfare.

The USCCB must be referring to radical anti-Semitic US Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN), who has a constituency of predominately third-world Muslims in what’s now being called the terrorist haven of the US, thanks to the Catholic Church’s help.

The Catholic Church is hoping that the public remains largely unaware of how they are getting paid by the taxpayer to facilitate this human trafficking scheme so they can continue the humanitarian guise for their illicit scam.

“The reality, though, is that beyond the debate and beyond the rhetoric there are real people who experience real challenges and our immigrant brothers and sisters living in our midst need a solution,” Director Adkins said.

With a Pope who shielded pedophile priests from justice and even rehabilitated their careers, the Catholic Church is in no position to dictate the solution to any problem. They need to solve their many internal problems before butting their corrupt noses in public policy.

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