“Catholics” try to Rationalize Supporting Joe Biden for Presidency Despite his Leftist Track Record

Joe Biden has made Catholic outreach a major part of his presidential campaign.

One of his biggest campaign boosters, “Catholics for Biden”, has attempted to make the case for Biden on Catholic lines.

Matt Hadro of the Catholic News Agency noted that this group has repeatedly said that “Biden’s priorities align with those of Pope Francis.”

Funny enough, Biden supports federal funding for abortion which goes against Catholic doctrine.

On September 3, 2020, Catholics for Biden held a launch event online. Some of the speakers present at the event included Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, Sister Simone Campbell, and Dr. Stephen Schneck, the former Director of Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research Studies. Back in 2012, he viewed U.S. bishops’ concerns about the HHS birth control mandate as “overblown.”

The speakers at this online event implored Catholics not to emphasize pro-life issues when they go to the ballot box despite Biden’s promise to support taxpayer-funded abortion and pass official legislation that nationalizes abortion. In addition, the “public option” health care plan features coverage of elective abortions.

Pro-abortion groups such as the National Abortion Rights Action League endorsed his presidential candidacy, while Planned Parenthood Action Fund expressed joy for Biden’s selection of California Senator Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential candidate.

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops document “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship”, abortion is described as a “preeminent” threat to human life. The document recognizes that there are many ways to attack human dignity, but it stressed how some people try to warn against a false “moral equivalence that makes no ethical distinctions between different kinds of issues involving human life and dignity.”

By contrast, Catholics for Biden’s voting material encourages voters to downplay abortion and focus on other issues. It put forward the concept of a “Pope Francis Voter”, an individual who “considers racism, poverty, migration and healthcare as ‘sacred issues’ to be prioritized in the voting booth,” according to Hadro’s CNA piece.

Sister Simone Campbell heads the Network, a social justice activist organization, and was the prayer leader at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Hadro recounted that Campbell was asked in an interview with CNA if her organization is against the legalization of abortion.

In a recent interview with CNA, Campbell was asked if her organization opposes legal abortion. “That is not our issue. That is not it. It is above my pay grade,” she responded.

The social justice organization is a Biden booster because the presidential candidate “supports families in the tax code;” is opposed to racism and xenophobia, the death penalty, and “discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and disabled people.” Furthermore, Hadro highlighted that Biden’s support of “housing assistance, health care benefits, the right to organize, and humane treatment of immigrants” are just more reasons why the Network is getting behind the Biden campaign.

On the other hand, Catholic conservative organizations such as “Catholics for Trump” attacked Biden for his pro-abortion record and anti-religious freedom voting behavior.

The Trump campaign’s Catholic voter outreach campaign started focusing on Trump’s moves to select federal judges who eschewed judicial activism, enact pro-life policies and measures to uphold religious freedom, and his successful economic track record.

Catholic voters will need to wake up and realize that Biden is a paragon of political correctness who will advance many of the radical Left’s agenda items. No serious Catholic voter who believes in pro-life policies and respects religious freedom should even consider voting for Biden.

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