CAUCUS CHAOS: Democrat Mouthpieces Try to Downplay Bernie’s Victory Because of Volunteer Shortages

In an effort to downplay the inevitably of Bernie Sander’s victory at the Nevada caucuses, CNN political analyst Laura Barrón-López was reporting about chaos taking place throughout caucus sites in the state.

She first Tweeted, “New: POLITICO has heard from multiple Democrats, campaigns on the ground that there is a shortage of volunteers at caucus sites Story is developing… 1/”

Then she followed up in another Tweet, stating “NSDP party officials are telling campaign representatives that there’s a deficit of volunteers across the state, and so they are asking representatives of campaigns to act as precinct chairs, per multiple sources on ground.”

Barrón-López continued talking about the shortage of volunteers: “Per Dem source: ‘I’m at Spring Valley High School and a lot of the Nevada Dem Party volunteers did not show up. They are worried about the precinct chairs showing up as well.’”

With Sanders winning, the Democrat establishment is clearly on the ropes.

They are trying to pull every rationalization possible to downplay and not recognize Bernie Sanders’ victories.

The Democrat leadership is clearly rattled and they’re starting to come to grips with the reality that Donald Trump will practically be a shoo-in for a second term.

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