CAUGHT ON TAPE: Cindy Hyde-Smith Admits She Voted For Budget Funding Planned Parenthood

Interim Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith admitted on video that she voted for a budget that funds Planned Parenthood.

Yet again, Hyde-Smith is under heavy criticism from conservatives. The former Democrat was appointed to the Senate temporarily by governor Phil Bryant, but she is struggling in her 2018 campaign.

Conservative state senator Chris McDaniel, gaining on the interim senator, represents a stark contrast to Hyde-Smith, who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Here is Hyde-Smith admitting that she voted for the September 2017 federal budget that funded Planned Parenthood.

“I did vote for a bill that has some funding in it for Planned Parenthood,” Hyde-Smith conceded, according to this video shared by Chris McDaniel’s Facebook page:

The Washington-based organization National Right To Life endorsed Hyde-Smith, stating that she has a 100 percent pro-life record. But when I pressed the group’s political director Karen Cross about Hyde-Smith voting for the budget — and whether or not voting to fund abortion is a sin — Cross hung up on me and directed me to her group’s media relations department, which did not respond to my inquiries.

Here is National Right To Life endorsing Hyde-Smith.

Meanwhile, Hyde-Smith’s links to the Clintons are causing her problems, as I reported.

Cindy Hyde-Smith employs a right-hand man and donor whose daughter worked as a consultant for Hillary Clinton.

This is just the latest in a series of revelations about Cindy Hyde-Smith that cast doubt on her claims that she is a conservative.

Umesh Sanjawala is Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Mississippi state director in her Senate office. He reportedly met Hyde-Smith in 2010.

Umesh Sanjanwala was a major donor to Hyde-Smith’s past campaign for state agriculture commissioner, according to records. He also served as official spokesman for her campaign.

Sanjanwala donated more than $57,000 to Hyde-Smith’s agriculture commissioner campaign.

Here is Umesh Sanjanwala’s daughter Sital Sigh, who has worked for Chisolm Strategies and Mabus Strategies, giving the middle finger in front of a profane graffiti rebuke to President Donald Trump, courtesy of Instagram.

Here she is posting Hillary Clinton’s logo on her Instagram and saying that 2016 will be her final election as a campaign consultant.

She wrote on Instagram: “I’m not sure why you’re laughing at this. Is it because this job is ending for me? Or is it “your guy” won and “my guy” lost? If it’s the latter, then you deeply misunderstand what this election meant for many of us, and I’m very offended. I’ve always respected your political views, even though they largely were different from my own. If you’re laughing because you don’t respect my views, then we need to have a frank discussion. If you’re laughing because Hillary is a loser, then you don’t respect the place millions of Americans are coming from with this election. It’s not an “anti republican” sentiment. And if you can’t get that, please refrain from commenting on my posts.”

Cindy Hyde-Smith must answer to this relationship if she wishes to position herself as a genuine Republican — though she was previously a Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton for president in 2008.

Big League Politics reported:

Interim Republican Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith worked for the pro-Obamacare lobbying firm the National Coalition on Health Care.

The Coalition is comprised of member chapters including the AFL-CIO union and the pro-Obamacare AARP, the National Council of La Raza, and the NAACP.

Hyde-Smith is a former Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton for president in 2008, a top Democratic leader confirms. She is now running in November’s Mississippi Senate race to try to keep her seat against challenger Chris McDaniel, a conservative state senator.

But Hyde-Smith’s lobbying work will inevitably haunt her, just as her Democratic Party past is already ruffling the feathers of conservative Mississippi voters.

Here’s an August 22, 1999 ad from the Clarion-Ledger identifying Hyde-Smith as a lobbyist for the National Coalition on Health Care.




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