CBS News Poll Shows Strong American Opposition to Getting Involved in the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

A majority of Americans want the United States to stay out of the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

According to a CBS News poll, the majority of people who want to keep the U.S. out are largely driven by Republicans and independents. Democrats, on the other hand, tend to support Ukraine.

The proportion saying that the U.S. should stay out is driven by Republicans (55%) and independents (61%), while more Democrats (58%) feel the U.S. should side with Ukraine. 

There is a clear generational gap when it comes to who sides with Ukraine. For example, among Americans 65 years and older, 61% support Ukraine. These Americans’ views are largely shaped by their shared experiences of living during the Cold War. 

Other Americans, 45-64 (55%), 30-44 (55%), and 18-29 (61%) are largely opposed to getting involved in this conflict. These groups have all lived in the era of never-ending wars, with the younger segments growing up in this state of perpetual era.

By and large, Americans want nothing to do with the DC Blob’s foreign policy delusions. However, there is strong institutional inertia in DC with regards to foreign policy. It’s going to take the election of national populists and other pro-restraint voices on the Right to set things straight. 

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