CCP Infiltration: Chinese Company is Using Communist Party Members to Construct Battery Plants in Michigan

A Chinese company, with hundreds of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members in its staff, is slated to construct  two electric vehicle battery plants in northern Michigan after receiving the green light  from Governor Gretchen Whitmer and President Joe Biden.

In early 2023, Democrats in the Michigan state legislature gave the go-ahead to plans by Gotion Inc. to construct a $2.3 billion battery plant close to Big Rapids. This project will be financed with millions in state taxpayer dollars and potentially billions in federal tax credits to boot. 

As part of this venture, Gotion is seeking to build several plants and facilities in Michigan, Whitmer announced in 2022:

“Once completed, the facility in Big Rapids is expected to produce 150,000 tons of cathode material per year, covering an area estimated to span 260 acres with plans to build two 550,000 square foot production plants along with other supporting facilities. Additionally, the project will involve the construction of two production plants specifically dedicated to producing anodes, ultimately resulting in 50,000 tons of anode material produced per year.”

In June, the Treasury Department gave the go-ahead to the Gotion battery plant project on the outskirts of Big Rapids. At the start of August, Gotion bought approximately 300 acres of land in Green Charter Township where the plant will be set up. John Binder of Breitbart News noted that this facility is 100 miles from Camp Grayling. For perspective, Camp Grayling is the largest United States National Guard training site.

Per an ESG report, which the Daily Caller published, Gotion’s parent company has a workforce composed of hundreds of CCP members and a card-carrying CCP member that heads it. Company executives have, on multiple occasions, denied that the Communist Party  controls the party. 

Regardless of whether the Communist Party of China controls this company, this demonstrates another reason why the US needs to fully decouple economic relations with China. China is a nation with great power aspirations and it’s seeking to exploit any holes in the US’s migratory and trade system so that it can gain notable advantages on the world stage. 

Forget military conflict with China. If the US can’t get control of its immigration system and leaves its economic system wide open to foreign subversives, China will not need to fire a shot to surpass it. 

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