Celebrity Candidate Dr. Oz Attacked Pro-Life Laws, Supported Abortion Rights in 2019

Television celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz announced his candidacy for the US Senate in Pennsylvania last week, with some Republicans raising questions about the conservative bona fides of the TV doctor. Footage has emerged revealing Oz’s progressive views on abortion rights, with the doctor arguing against pro-life heartbeat laws enacted in states such as Alabama in recent years.

Dr. Oz went on to defend the legal theory of Roe v. Wade, referring to anecdotes of so-called coat hanger abortions that occurred before the legality of abortion in America. The doctor was speaking on a New York City radio show known for promoting progressive politics.

Oz struck a tone similar to Democrats such as President Joe Biden, stating merely that he wouldn’t want anyone in his family to have an abortion but supported the legality of abortion procedures. Oz seemed to suggest he only supports pro-life laws that ban the procedures for children who would be viable outside of the womb.

Oz appears to spend the majority of his time in New Jersey, with some Pennsylvanians questioning why the Jersey resident is suddenly a candidate to represent the Keystone State in Washington.

Oz has described himself as a “moderate Republican” and compared his politics to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former governor of California who fell out with the Republican Party amid the state’s decline and his administration’s capitulation to the policy vision of the Democratic Party and progressive elites.

Oz’s entry into the contentious Pennsylvania Senate race follows the campaign exit of Sean Parnell, an Army veteran endorsed by Donald Trump. Some Pennsylvania Republicans have sought to draft Colonel Douglas MacGregor, a former Trump administration Pentagon official known for speaking and writing in favor of an America First policy vision.

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