Celtics Legend Kevin McHale Chastised for Attending Trump Rally

(Courtesy: Yahoo Sports)

A member of the NBA Hall-of-Fame has been on the receiving end of a litany of scrutiny for doing the unspeakable – attending a Donald Trump rally in Duluth, Minnesota last night.

“Kevin McHale is extremely stupid for attending a public Trump event,” said Nathaniel Friedman of Victory Journal.  “That, as much as his politics, is why he should never work in the NBA again.”

Apparently holding political opinions considered disfavorable by radical leftists with blue check marks on Twitter is grounds for blackballing from future employment. But lawyer and sports commentator Clay Travis, who first reported this story, astutely observed that the rules are different for Democrats.

“Greg Popovich, Steve Kerr, LeBron, all of them can rip Donald Trump publicly & no one says a word about their jobs,” he said on Twitter. “But Kevin McHale, in his own private life, can’t even silently stand in the crowd at a Trump rally? The sports media has gone insane.”

NBA star LeBron James actually gave a speech at a Hillary Clinton rally in 2016, where he introduced “President Hillary Clinton.”

The outrage mob went further, attacking Lynn McHale, Kevin’s wife, forcing her to delete her Twitter account.

“Kevin McHale’s wife’s tweets are … ugh …” said The Score editor and Bleacher Report columnist Chris Hayden.

The seek-and-destroy leftists even targeted current Boston Celtic Gordon Hayward for following right wing pundits Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens on Instagram.

“hmm, Gordon Hayward’s Instagram follows make me think he could be OUR generation’s Kevin McHale!” said writer Jen Statsky.


How dare anyone in the sports world not share the political leanings of Democrats.

“Here’s the deal, if you hate Donald Trump, beat him in 2020,” Travis said in his column. “Posting photos of his supporters and attacking them online for attending his rallies just makes it more likely that Trump wins in 2020. Because moderate people like me, people open to being persuaded to vote for the best candidate, don’t support things like this.”

Travis is right. Deranged nonsense like this only pushes people towards Trump.

“I don’t believe grown men should wear NBA jerseys, but if I did, I’d go buy a Kevin McHale jersey today,” he said. “And while I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 — I voted for Gary Johnson — let me tell you this right now, the next time Donald Trump hosts a rally in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee — I’ll be there.”

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