Cenk Uygur Makes Psychotic Claim that Right-Wing Americans Love Putin-Because He is White

Cenk Uygur has plunged deeper into his critical race theory enthused lunacy. In the tweet below, Uygur claims that right-winged Americans not only love Vladimir Putin because he is an authoritarian tyrannical leader, but mainly because he is white.

Saying right-wing Americans have “turned on democracy and now even America.” Like many tweets and claims by Uygur, there is no evidence to support his allegations. Where are all of these conservative, racist, Putin loving Americans?

There seems to be no boundaries when it comes to Cenk Uygur relating global political issues back to Americans being racists. The correlation between American’s who identify as right-wing and Putin’s actions in Ukraine is non-existent.

The main issue here is the intentional division of our country. Uygurs’ show ‘The Young Turks’, has gone from what was once deemed a moderate news source, to a far-left conservative hating propaganda machine.

As much as it pains me to write about them at all, Uyghur’s tweet is a blatant example of the sad reality of current circumstances in the United States.

It’s not just Cenk Uygur, there are many prominent political television personalities and networks that are drawing false narratives from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. MSNBC stated that the reason Putin chose to invade Ukraine under the Biden presidency was “perhaps because Putin was so pleased to see Trump pursuing goals in line with Moscow’s agenda” via Twitter. 

By no means are these tweets winning any minds that aren’t already politically aligned. We are at the point where anything and everything will be tied to critical race theory and weaponized by the mainstream media and far left personalities alike.

Gone are the day’s where people are accepted for having different beliefs, killing what America has been differentiated by for hundreds of years. Will networks and individuals spreading this bigotry ever be held accountable?

The unfortunate truth is probably not, and that is a sad reality we face today as Americans. With seemingly no room for political discourse on the main stage of this country, you can bet Russia, China and all enemies to western Democracy are celebrating. 

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