CENSORED: Twitter SUSPENDS Female GOP Congressional Candidate After Trans Criticism

After blasting male domination of female sports, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was apparently suspended from Twitter.

Earlier this week, the congressional candidate for Georgia’s 6th district commented on Facebook and Twitter about Rachel McKinnon’s victory at the women’s Masters Track Cycling World Championships sprint.

She proclaimed on Facebook, “There are two genders — Male and Female. Males DO NOT belong in women’s sports. This is not equality. It’s not fair.”

Given the controversial nature of transgender issues in light of the James Younger case, many on the Right have had to take strong positions on transgenderism. Positions that do not sit well with social media overlords.

Greene was clear on where she stood on the matter.

However, Twitter censors did not like her strong opinions.

Very likely with the help of leftist activists on social media, Twitter was able to dig up an old tweet from March where Greene commented on the New Zealand massacre and took the media to task for putting a left wing spin on the incident.

Her campaign believes her tweet from March, along with Greene’s recent outspoken views on transgenderism and the impeachment inquiry, caused her to receive a social media timeout for breaking.

When BLP reached out to Greene for comment, she stated:

Twitter suspended/blocked me access to my account the day my Democratic opponent votes to impeach President Trump and overturn the 2016 elections.

It also comes on the heels of my opposition to gender reassignment surgery for children and my opposition to biological men competing in the same sports as women.

There are two genders: male and female. Males do not belong in women’s sports. That’s not equality. But radical leftists pushing the “cancel culture” don’t want to hear that. When you’re a threat to their agenda, they just want to silence you.

For conservatives, Greene is as good as it gets.

From defending gun rights from encroachments like red flag laws to standing against illegal immigration, Greene is the clear America First option for Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

Her lockout from Twitter only shows how dangerous her views are to Silicon Valley censors.

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