CENSORSHIP: Anti-Lockdown Protests Sweeping the World are Ignored by Fake News Media

Anti-lockdown protests are sweeping the world and making a major impact to oppose the technocratic health regime of global submission, despite being largely ignored or marginalized by the fake news media. 

There was violence in Germany as police clashed with protesters who have had enough with their enforcement of COVID-19 lockdown tyranny:

Widespread freedom protests occurred in the Netherlands as well:

Many other nations joined in standing up, removing their chains, and rejecting senseless COVID-19 mass hysteria that is devastating the West:

However, the protests were the largest and most raucous in the nation of Great Britain, with protests against the lockdown coinciding with leftist anti-government protests at certain rallies:

These sort of demonstrations may be the only thing holding back the Orwellian nightmare from permanently manifesting itself throughout the world.

Big League Politics has reported on the technocracy that the globalists wish to impose with the masses now primed and conditioned to accept Draconian measures under the pretense of a health emergency:

The late plutocrat and engineer of globalism David Rockefeller once said at a United Nations dinner: “All we need is the right crisis and the people will accept the New World Order.”

With COVID-19, it seems that the right crisis has finally arrived to usher in the new era of globalism. The mass media is already priming the public for the new permanent changes to society that are all but inevitable at this point.

BBC News has laid out their grand vision of the Orwellian “new normal” of what the central planners and technocrats intend society to look like by 2022.

“It’s 2022 and you’ve just arrived at the travel destination of your dreams. As you get off the plane, a robot greets you with a red laser beam that remotely takes your temperature. You’re still half asleep after a long transoceanic flight, so your brain barely registers the robot’s complacent beep. You had just passed similar checks when boarding the plane hours ago so you have nothing to worry about and can just stroll to the next health checkpoint,” BBC reporter Lina Zeldovich wrote.

Zeldovich lays out the reality of endless health checks, breathalyzers with microchips in them, and microscopic ink tattoos to track vaccine compliance. All of this would be required in airports to travel, at first, and then be rolled out as mandatory to participate in normal functions of society.

She notes that the mark-of-the-beast vaccine tracking tattoo has already been tested on animals and corpses, thanks to the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“The macro-needles don’t leave scars and are less invasive than the regular needles – it’s like putting on a Band-Aid,” said researcher Ana Jaklenec of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It can even be done with a modified phone.”

The people uniting against these measures are the only thing that can stop Big Brother:

The protests over the weekend were a good start but major civil disobedience will be necessary to derail the globalist endgame.

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