CENSORSHIP: Microsoft Threatens to Drop Gab Hosting Over ‘Hate Speech’

Continuing a pattern of censorship of free speech by Silicon Valley leftists, Microsoft has threatened to stop hosting Gab.ai over “hate speech” allegations on the platform.

“Gab’s hosting provider, Microsoft Azure, has given us 48 hours to take action on two posts, or they will pull our service and Gab will go down for weeks/months,” according to Gab founder Andrew Torba.

Gab was founded as an alternative to Twitter in 2016 in the wake of censorship of conservatives, after right-wing firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned  from the platform. The platform promises freedom of expression without parameters to all of its users.

But now, Microsoft is claiming veto power over the content posted on Gab since they host the website.

The posts in question come from user Patrick Little, and are anti-Semitic in nature. Little was a Senate candidate who was kicked out of the GOP convention in May for his anti-Semitic views.

The posts are nutty, but does that justify handing over the keys to a multi-billion dollar powerhouse to dictate what can be said by an individual user on a privately-owned platform? This is a new level of censorship that conservatives have yet to face.

“We believe we have an important responsibility to ensure that our services are not abused by people and groups seeking to incite violence,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “Gab.ai is of course free to choose otherwise and work with another cloud service provider or host this content itself.”

Gab has already faced backlash from anti-free speech Silicon Vally. It’s mobile app was dropped by the Apple iOS App Store and the Google Play store, meaning that it is unusable on mobile devices.


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