Cernovich Offers CNN Host $100K to Spend Day in NYC Wearing MAGA Hat

Mike Cernovich, Twitter
Mike Cernovich, Twitter

In an effort to raise awareness of the political violence that supporters of President Donald Trump face on a daily basis, author and journalist Mike Cernovich has offered to make a $100K donation to charity if CNN’s Brian Stelter will spend a day in NYC wearing a MAGA hat.

The rules of the challenge are simple — Stelter must walk around the big city in a red MAGA hat for eight hours while filming it. The offer was made in response to the CNN host repeatedly claiming that Trump poking fun at his outlet is making it more dangerous to be a journalist.

Cernovich hopes that the simple act would open the Reliable Sources host’s eyes to the violence and hate that news organizations, like his own, are helping to incite against those on the right.

“According to you, being a journalist is dangerous, and according to me, being a Trump supporter is dangerous. So I am willing to bet $100,000 for charity,” Cernovich said on his Periscope feed. “My contention is that wearing a Trump hat is more contentious than wearing a CNN hat. My contention is that members of the media, although you may get trolled, you’re not in any physical danger, but Trump supporters are, and you’re not covering it, Brian.”

Cernovich added that while wearing a CNN hat might get a reporter briefly heckled, it is nothing compared to the actual violence and physical danger that supporters of the president face if they choose to show it in public.

If Stelter completes the challenge, Cernovich has vowed to donate the money to the organization of the CNN host’s choice.

Last week in New York City, Jovi Val, a Proud Boy and Trump supporter, was violently attacked and hospitalized over his MAGA hat.

After leaving Milo Yiannopoulos’ book launch party, Val and several others went to a bar. While dancing, his MAGA hat fell off — and a woman began to stomp on it. As he attempted to get the woman off of his hat, the woman’s boyfriend ran up and hit him in the face with a beer bottle.

Following the assault, Val ended up in the hospital with a broken nose and in need of 15 stitches on his cheek.

Val told Big League Politics that he hopes Stelter will accept the challenge — and bring Anderson Cooper with him.

“Brian,” Cernovich said, “you talk a big game on TV — will you take that big game to the mean streets of New York to raise money for charity? Let’s find out.”

As of Wednesday, Stelter had not accepted the challenge.

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