Chamber of Commerce Turns on the 2nd Amendment, Rejects Ad with Patriotic Attorney Holding an Antique Rifle

A local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce in Michigan has rejected an ad featuring a patriotic attorney holding an antique rifle in the name of political correctness and woke appeasement.

Patriotic attorney Nick Somberg, who has been profiled on Big League Politics for serving as counsel in high-profile liberty cases, had an advertisement for his law firm, Somberg Law, denied by the Chamber because he was holding an antique rifle in the ad.

Joe Bauman, President of the Birmingham and Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce, told Somberg that the organization was turning their backs on the 2nd Amendment because of a recent mass shooting that had happened tragically in nearby Oxford, Mich.

“I wanted to reach out to you regarding the advertisement you have scheduled to run in the 2022 Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber Membership directory and community resources guide,” Bauman wrote to Somberg in an email.

“In light of the tragic shooting at Oxford High School…and the reverberations that will continue to affect our Oakland County communities for some time, we are asking you to pull your advertisement and replace it with another ad not featuring a weapon. If this is not possible, we are happy to refund the cost of the advertisement in full,” Bauman added.

Somberg was not pleased with Bauman’s lip service and took to his social media profile to blast Bauman and the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber for their craven actions.

“He saw my advertisement holding an ANTIQUE, a decoration even a felon can possess. He became offended and told me I needed to use a different picture. I tried to communicate with him for over a month and he would not return one phone call or email. As a leader, Joe Bauman is an absolute failure and under his control the [Chamber] has become a leftist cancel-culture mafia,” Somberg stated in a Facebook post.

Bauman and his Chamber of Commerce have not only sold out the public on guns but also have supported lockdown policies and a forced masking of the people. Bauman shilled for COVID-19 tyranny in a public forum when he should have been advocating for economic freedom at the height of the pandemic:

Bauman did not response to a request from Big League Politics to clarify his organization’s stance on the 2nd Amendment.

Big League Politics has reported on the many other times that the Chamber of Commerce has sold out the American people:

The US Chamber of Commerce is not happy about President Donald Trump’s threats to close down the US southern border, and the organization is using its tremendous lobbying power to curtail Trump on immigration and trade issues.

“Even threatening to close the border to legitimate commerce and travel creates a degree of economic uncertainty that risks compromising the very gains in growth and productivity that policies of the Trump administration have helped achieve,” said Neil Bradley, the Chamber’s executive vice president and chief policy officer.

Thomas Donahue, CEO for the US Chamber of Commerce, appeared on CNBC yesterday where he attempted to downplay his organization’s opposition to the President’s agenda. Still, he expressed some concerns with Trump’s tough talk on Mexico.

“We don’t want to shut down the people that come to the United States everyday to work here across the border that we need. We don’t want to shut down the trade,” Donahue said.

Although Donahue admitted that the migrant crisis at the border is substantial and that “the house is full,” the Chamber is still lobbying President Trump to moderate his trade and immigration policies.

“I think we have conveyed to the President some of the issues he should be thinking about,” Donahue said…

Additionally, Donahue hopes that Congress will pass a “new NAFTA agreement” so Trump’s tariffs can be brought to an end.

The Chamber, along with Koch Industries and other globalist lobbying interests, have driven the pro-trade, open immigration status quo of the Republican Party for decades. Donahue’s comments make it clear that the Chamber’s agenda has not changed in the Trump era.

“Immigrants have long been a vital part of our economy, and they can help fill those gaps now…. Our nation must continue to attract and welcome the world’s most industrious and innovative people and finally fix our broken immigration system,” Donahue said last year.

“The United States is fundamentally out of people,” Donohue said.

The Chamber of Commerce is fully on board with the destruction of American liberty as long as they can continue to grow corporate profits through outsourcing and mass migration. Their hostility toward the 2nd Amendment should not come as any surprise.

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