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Change.Org Petition To Help Covington Catholic Students Reaches 10k, Keeps Growing



The petition “The Students Of Covington Catholic Are Facing Expulsion and Need Our Help” is closing in on 10,000 signatures as of press time, after only several hours in existence. (RELATED: GoFundMe Launches To Support The Students).

The petition, started by CJ, Ali, and Culttture, states the following:

“The students of Covington Catholic High School are facing expulsion and need our help.

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On January 19, a now-infamous video took the internet by storm, depicting a gaggle of students from Covington Catholic High School looking on as an elderly Native American man played the drum in front of them. The boys, as they looked on, appeared enamored. However, when the video of this event hit the internet, their looks of enamor were soon mischaracterized. Scores of public figures flocked to social media, decrying the students supposed bad behavior, labeling them racists, bigots, and white supremacists. Many even called for their expulsion from Covington Catholic High School.”

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The petition sends a strong message that Trump supporters nationally are tired of being intimidated by the mainstream media, which has gone to new extremes of journalistic malpractice to target the Covington Catholic kids while excusing Native American activist Nathan Phillips, who confronted the unsuspecting MAGA hat-wearing teens at the March For Life.

Nathan Phillips, the Native American radical activist who confronted the MAGA hat-wearing Catholic teens at the March For Life, starred in a 2012 Skrillex video called “Make It Bun Dem,” in which Phillips does some spiritual warfare connected to a violent attack on a police officer. Phillips was identified as the star of the video in his speaker bio for Tribal Hemp & Cannabis Education and discussed the role in a 2017 interview.

BLP reported:

Nathan Phillips, the Native American man at the center of the controversy involving Covington Catholic High School students who were unfairly smeared by the media, is raising money with the help of a major big-money left-wing operation, and has a history of appearing in the press claiming to be a victim of anti-Native racism.

“[Phillips] is a Vietnam Veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance,” according to Heavy.

The Native Youth Alliance appears to be a standalone entity. However, the larger well-funded Native Youth Leadership Alliance — which told us that it is not associated with Phillips — is currently promoting Phillips’ fundraising campaign stemming from the incident with the Catholic teens.

The Native Youth Leadership Alliance (NYLA) is a non-profit organization that is funded by the same far-left power players who are often involved in bankrolling leftist causes. The organization’s funding partners include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Social Justice Fund Northwest.

The homepage for the NYLA is promoting Phillips’ fundraising campaign.

The point is this: Phillips is not simply a random Native man who was accosted by “racist” MAGA-hat wearing teens, as the mainstream press has reported. He is connected to leftist activists who donate large sums to leftist causes. And now, he is personally fundraising off the mainstream press’ misdeeds.

Given that the full, unedited video of the interaction between Phillips and the students shows that Phillips clearly approached the students, and given that he is connected to left-wing social justice causes, one could conclude that he targeted the teenagers for their support of President Donald J. Trump. Yet the mainstream press narrative is exactly the opposite – that the boys targeted Phillips.

Additionally, this is not the first time that Phillips has been at the center of controversy involving alleged racism against the Native Population. In 2015, Phillips claimed that he was “bombarded by racial slurs” by students at Eastern Michigan University.

Fox2 reported:

An Ypsilanti man says he was trying to teach a few students dressed in American Indian theme party about respecting Native Americans.

Not long afterward, Nathan Phillips said that an interaction with party-goers and students turned ugly.

Nathan Phillips says he was out for a noon walk on a Saturday in mid-April

He walked by a home where he saw Eastern Michigan University students dressed as Native Americans.

“They had little feathers on, I was just going to walk by,” Phillips said. “A group of them said ‘Come on over, come here.’”

He says he walked over to the fence and saw roughly 30 to 40 students involved in a theme party.

“They had their face painted,” Phillips said. “I said what the heck is going on here. ‘Oh we are honoring you.’ I said no you are not honoring me.”

It was a statement he says they took offense to.

“Then started whooping and hollering,” he said. “I said that wasn’t honoring, that was racist. Then at that time, it really got ugly.”

Phillips says he was bombarded with racial slurs.

“(They said) ‘Go back to the reservation, you blank indian,’” he said.

One student, he says, threw a beer can at him.

“If I would have stayed where I was at, it would have hit me in the head,” he said. “I backed up and it hit me in the chest.”



Tucker Takes Jared Kushner, White House Liberals to Task for Lackluster Trump Administration Response to Riots

“No one has more contempt for Donald Trump’s voters than Jared Kushner does.”



Tucker Carlson called out White House liberal Jared Kushner for pushing the Trump administration’s overall lackluster response to the nationwide race riots sweeping America during a segment on Monday, pointing to Kushner as a stealth liberal undermining the ‘MAGA’ agenda that President Trump was elected upon in 2016.

“But the President’s famously sharp instincts- that won him the presidency almost four years ago- have been since subverted at every level by Jared Kushner. This is true on immigration, on foreign policy, and especially on law enforcement… [President Trump] often derides Kushner as a liberal, and he’s right- he is.

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RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

  • RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

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White House sources describe Kushner as instrumental in convincing the President to water down his response to the nationwide race riots, arguing that enforcing the law would prove damaging to the prospects of Trump increasing his support with minority voters in the 2020 election. Tucker pointed out the inherent bigotry of Kushner’s assumption, arguing that Americans of all demographics support putting an immediate end to the widespread criminality and attacks on private property that have been witnessed throughout the nation since the death of George Floyd.

Carlson earlier pointed to Kushner for what consistently comes across as downright dismissive contempt for the working-class voters who have proved Donald Trump’s most crucial political constituency, arguing that the President’s son in law is more interested in advancing a metropolitan cultural elite- friendly from within the White House. Kushner has aggressively pushed to save mass immigration and cheap labor visa programs at the behest of Silicon Valley elites, most recently undermining President Trump’s plan to set forth an immigration moratorium in the wake of the coronavirus recession.

Recent reports also indicate that Kushner, a lifelong Independent and Democrat before switching to the Republican Party during Trump’s presidency, has been seeking to alter the Republican Party platform in order to appeal to liberal and affluent suburban voters.

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