CHAOS: Minnesota Rioters Loot Freely For Second Straight Day After George Floyd’s Death

Crowds of rioters continued sporadic looting on Wednesday, two days after a Minneapolis man named George Floyd died after highly questionable treatment at the hands of police during an arrest.

A crowd of unruly “protestors” could be seen ransacking an area Target, compiling expensive TV’s and leaving the store with material goods.

More footage reveals a sizable crowd of looters retrieving whatever they can, without fear of any repercussion from law enforcement.

Supporters of the Floyd riots have claimed that the initial response from law enforcement- which featured police deploying tear gas on protestors- was wildly out of proportion, and racist in nature, comparing the response to that used against anti-coronavirus lockdown protestors.

However, the display of criminality that appears closely related to the Floyd riots wasn’t seen from lockdown protestors, who have protested in a largely peaceful manner.

More footage from local news shows widespread evidence of criminality and riotous violence from Floyd rioters, including throwing rocks at police, breaking store windows, and tagging property with spray paint.

The death of Floyd was in fact highly questionable, and four police officers have already been fired from the Minnesota Police Department as a result of the footage, which revealed an officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for an extended period. That doesn’t excuse criminal behavior targeting a business, which appears wholly motivated by material interest as opposed to real indignation against the Minneapolis Police Department.

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