Charlie Kirk Thinks You’re ‘Dangerous’ For Wanting To Protect American Sovereignty

During an event at the University of Nevada, Reno, a Zoomer in the audience confronted the head of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk on the issue of immigration.

The student specifically grilled Kirk on the impact of the Hart-Celler Act, (Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965).

The student first stated “My home state has gone to shit, and it’s mainly because of mass immigration.”

Kirk quickly defended immigration saying that so long as illegal immigration is curtailed, he’s fine with it.

He believes that anti-immigration conservatives are “dangerous.”

The Turning Point founder reiterated that his immigration system would be focused on trying to find the next “Peter Thiel” or “Elon Musk”.

Kirk then claimed that only 400,000 legal immigrants come in per year, whereas the student corrected him by noting that legal 1.1 million immigrants are granted legal permanent residency in America annually.

The student expressed some skepticism towards “whether that number is sustainable for any first world country.”

BLP reached out to Kirk for comments, but he has not responded so far.

One of the most important moments during this encounter was the discussion of the political implications of mass migration. The student pointed out to Kirk that immigrants vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Certain figures show that current mass migration policies favor the Democratic Party in the long-term. The nationalist YouTuber Vincent James has done multiple videos demonstrating how mass migration may turn out to be the Democratic Party’s electoral trump card in solidifying their stranglehold over American politics.

In a recent video, James believes that conservative figures like Kirk have been co-opted by a donor class who wants to maintain the mass migration status quo.

And recent elections may be proving James’ points. Results from the 2018 elections indicate that 90 percent of House districts with a foreign-born population above the national average went the Democratic Party’s way.

Apart from electoral and economic effects, there are legitimate assimilation concerns with a massive influx of migrants. Europe offers a cautionary tale of the cultural impact of mass migration with the development of ethnic enclaves throughout countries such as France and the United Kingdom. Many of these zones prevent proper assimilation for countless immigrants.

Indeed, the immigration question is sensitive but it requires firm answers that prioritize national interests while also building a system that attracts immigrants of the highest quality possible.

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