Charlie Kirk’s Plan to Win the Youth Vote: ‘Suspend All Visas’ Until Full Employment is Reached

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk is re-inventing himself as an opponent of mass immigration from the third world, less than a year after he called for green cards to be stapled to diplomas and more foreign visas for low-income workers.

Kirk released a video on Twitter Thursday night in which he made a strong argument for “America First” immigration policies.

“You’ve got 5 million kids that are scheduled to graduate with no ceremony in the next three to four weeks. They are going to be entering the worst job market in American history,” Kirk explained.

“You want to win the youth vote?” he asked theoretical politicians in both major political parties. “Suspend all visas. That’s right, every single visa until every single one of those college kids can get a job.”

He continued to go on an impassioned rant reminiscent of something that an immigrant hawk like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin would say.

“Foreign nationals should not be getting the jobs that our college kids went into debt to go get. Every single one of those kids should be given preference and precedence over some foreign national that might be able to take advantage of our visa process, and that’s why I have called for a total and complete moratorium on all visas until we get to pre-pandemic unemployment levels,” Kirk said.

“We don’t have lobbyists to represent us. I’m doing the best we can yet there is a ruling class in this country that doesn’t care about our generation, and it’s indefensible,” he continued.

The clip Kirk posted on his Twitter account can be seen here:

This is not the first time that Kirk has capitulated on immigration policy. He changed his tune before after being called out by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and “America First” patriots at campus stops across the country.

Big League Politics reported on the 180 that Kirk did last November:

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk has been under siege at his “Culture War” events throughout the country for his support of mass immigration as well as other issues.

Kirk is feeling the heat and has adjusted one of his stances under the pressure from “America First” forces. Kirk rebuked his previous stance of giving green cards to any immigrant who obtains a U.S. college diploma during an appearance on the University of Florida campus on Tuesday night.

“Those laws might make you uncomfortable. Those laws you might disagree with, but illegally entering into the United States is not obeying our laws, and it’s been said once, and it’s been said twice, and should be said again, if you break the laws entering into our country, what’s to say you’re not going to break the laws while you’re in our country?” Kirk asked to applause.

“By the way, this is both sides that have contributed to this, and what it does is it erodes the fabric and the tradition of constitutional law in our country, and it’s very… it’s a very big problem, and it’s not just illegal immigration,” Kirk added.

This is when Kirk readied his capitulation in the hopes that it would keep the army of self-described Groypers in the audience at bay.

“I’m going to do something that not everyone in politics is comfortable doing, but I’m going to say I was wrong about something, and this is something I wish more people did,” Kirk explained.

“I said something a couple weeks ago that was not an opinion I still currently hold where I said something about F-1 Visas where I said that F-1 Visas should be given out basically to every single person who goes through the college education system. I was wrong when I said that. I was wrong when I said that,” Kirk said to massive applause.

“Part of being 26 and traveling the country is I hear lots of different opinions. What I was trying to say, and I didn’t say it, is I want the most qualified people to come to into our country, to come into America. I did not say that, instead, I basically said that… anyone who goes through the highly-corrupt college cartel then all of a sudden they should be deemed entry into the United States,” Kirk added.

Kirk’s change of heart on immigration shows what activists can accomplish when they hold public figures accountable.

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