Charlottesville ‘Eyewitness’ Has Stunning Soros Connection

An eyewitness to the fatal car crash in Charlottesville, Virginia was photographed socializing with progressive billionaire George Soros’ son. Records reveal that the eyewitness has been employed as an adviser to Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Big League Politics has obtained a photo of Chris Mahony, a New Zealand-born rugby player employed by the World Bank Group, with Alex Soros, son of the politically active socialist financier.

Mahony’s bio at the Centre for International Law Research and Policy lists advisory work that he did for the Open Society Initiative, a project of Soros’ Open Society nonprofit network.


Mahony appeared with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to describe his witnessing of the fatal crash at the Unite the Right Rally organized by white nationalist groups, which attracted left-wing counter-protesters.

“First I saw the car at the top of the hill, before it came down. We walked past it,” Mahony said, referring to the car with black tinted windows allegedly driven by James Fields. “I didn’t think too much. I walked down the road, and maybe ten or twenty seconds later I, uh, saw a coffee shop that might be open, walked off the middle of the road, and then heard it hit the speed bump and sort of bounce, and then I looked back and saw it go through the next block and then plow into the group of people.”

“I was right next to your previous guest, Brennan, who was taking the footage,” Mahony told Blitzer, referring to his friend and fellow Charlottesville eyewitness Brennan Gilmore, a veteran of Democratic Party politics and the State Department who also served as a vocal media eyewitness to the crash.

Here is Mahony with Alex Soros at an event for the organization “Global Witness” at Fairview Farm in Bridgehampton, New York on July 7, 2012:

Liam McMullan Co.

Mahony previously served as an eyewitness to alleged human rights abuses in Sierra Leone, where Mahony worked against political leader Charles Taylor. Mahony is also an opponent of Muammar Gaddafi, whom Hillary Clinton overthrew in Libya during her time at the Obama State Department.

Mahony is a member of the New Zealand Fabian Society, a reportedly socialist British organization with deep roots in major geopolitics. The Fabian Society’s official crest depicts a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Democratic Charlottesville mayor Michael Signer blamed President Trump for the crash, and Mahony and a fellow eyewitness also strongly insinuated that the president or his supporters should shoulder blame for the fatality. Evangelist Franklin Graham condemned efforts by commentators to blame Trump for the fatality.

Mahony said that he ran after the car to photograph it, and also told police about the incident. Mahony’s friend Brennan Gilmore videotaped the car crash and became a fixture of media reports on the incident.

Brennan Gilmore wrote an article for Politico Magazine on August 21: “How I Became Fake News,” in which he described the round of interviews he did about witnessing the car incident, and how Internet researchers pointed out his establishment links.

Gilmore wrote: “These crack researchers bragged that they had discovered I worked for the State Department (it’s in my Twitter bio), that I have a connection to George Soros (he very publicly donated to the campaign of my former boss, Tom Perriello), and that I spent time in Africa working in conflict areas (information available in major news outlets).”

Gilmore appeared on PBS Newshour on August 23 for a segment entitled “He was a witness in Charlottesville. Then the death threats and conspiracy theories began.

“Yes, I live in Charlottesville now,” Gilmore said. “I think what triggered a lot of people was my background with the federal government and with Democratic politics…For people who watch movies and things, the truth is less relevant than what they have in their mind…It’s emboldened me to speak even more. The threats have come in. This is a tactic from the Alt-Right.”

Requests for comment registered with Mahony and the World Bank Group were not returned as of press time.

One Charlottesville resident with close knowledge of the events on the ground told Big League Politics, “Clearly there was hatred on “all sides” just as President Trump proclaimed & denounced.”

“These riots and senseless acts of violence were mostly committed after law enforcement used shields to push the white supremacists and other rally goers out of the park into the waiting crowds of armed Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two Soros funded groups that justify violence ‘by any means necessary,'” the source continued.

Another Charlottesville resident said, “We the people are awakening from our slumber and realizing that the official narrative is predominantly being controlled by the globalist politicians and liberal media outlets who want to destroy the American way of life by turning it into a socialist state. So why should we listen to them if we want the truth? No wonder our president calls them ‘Fake News’ and is leading the charge to drain the swamp!”

Soros’ influence can be felt across the country as more violent left-wing groups surface and obtain funding. Pastor Dr. Lance Wallnau had his limousine set on fire outside Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. during President Trump’s inauguration, according to a source. Antifa and other radical progressive groups continue to wreak havoc from coast to coast.

Dr. Wallnau’s car, firebombed by Antifa

More and more new evidence comes to light regarding the incident in Charlottesville, prompting concerned observers to seek an official investigation of the events that transpired. We want to hear from you. Send us your comments and tips to help us expose Mr. Soros and his well-funded network of political agitation: [email protected].

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