Chicago Art Institute Fires All of Its White Female Guides Because of the Lack of Diversity on Staff

According to a report by Fox32, The Art Institute of Chicago fired all of its guides and volunteers in September, who were predominantly older white women.

The Art Institute carried out the firings on the grounds of promoting diversity within its work staff.

“We were surprised, we were disappointed,” Gigi Vaffis, the president of the docent council, said during an interview with radio station WBEZ. “There is an army of very highly skilled docents that are willing and ready and able to continue with arts education.”

The Art Institute previously had over 100 docents.  82 of those docents were actively involved in the Institute. Veronica Stein, the executive director of learning and engagement, sent out an email message on September 3 announcing the termination of the aforementioned docents. According to the Art Institute, these docents averaged 15 years of unpaid service.

From the looks of it, the firings were spurred by the fact that the majority of the docent staff was made up of older white, financially stable women. Stein declared that the museum has to chart a new path “in a way that allows community members of all income levels to participate, responds to issues of class and income equity, and does not require financial flexibility.”

“It was nearly a full-time job,” Dietrich Klevorn, a docent since 2012, said to the Wall Street Journal. “We had to spend a lot of time physically in the museum studying works of art, researching, putting tours together.”

“We had to be very comprehensive about everything as we talked with them, moving through the space,” Klevorn stated. Klevorn was apparently the only docent that the WSJ was able to get on record. Curiously, the Institute reportedly asked docents to not get in contact with the media. 

The Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Board criticized the museum’s decision to fire the docents, describing Stein’s letter to the docents she fired as “weaselly.”

“Why not invest some time in recruiting new, diverse docents? Why not grow the corps in such a way that it’s refreshed? Why not help docents who need help with expenses or child care? Why not have a hybrid model, at least until the current docents exit?” the board wrote in its opinion piece.

America’s culture war continues in full effect. Private institutions are becoming just another vessel for this campaign to undermine Historic America. If the Right doesn’t stand up to this insanity, Americans of European extraction will be kicked out of institutions — public and private. The radical Left cannot be allowed to take over institutions that legacy Americans built.

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