Chicago Mayor Blames Outside States for Gun Violence Taking Place Under Her Watch

On July 26, 2020, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the Windy City is being “inundated with guns” from other states.

She then called on President Donald Trump to pass gun control measures if he was genuinely serious about fixing the situation in Chicago.

Axios reported that at least “414 people have been murdered in Chicago through July 19.”

“The fact of the matter is our gun problem is related to the fact that we have too many illegal guns in our streets — 60% of which come from states outside of Illinois. We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons,” Lightfoot commented.

“That is the thing that if the president really wanted to help, that and the other things I identified in my letter he could do today, tomorrow. But he’s not really interested in helping in that way,” she added.

Last week, Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr announced that the Justice Department would “immediately surge” law enforcement to Chicago in order to tame the violence. Lightfoot claims to have received promises that the federal agents sent to Chicago would be focused on dealing with gun violence instead of targeting protesters.

“No troops, no agents that are coming in outside of our knowledge, notification and control that are violating people’s constitutional rights. That’s the framework,” Lightfoot remarked.

“We can’t just allow anyone to come into Chicago, play police in our streets and neighborhoods when they don’t know the first thing about our city. That’s a recipe for disaster,” she concluded.

Like most leftist elected officials, Lightfoot prefers to blame outside forces for her city’s dilapidated state as opposed to her misguided policies.

Taking responsibility is not the Left’s strong suit.

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