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Chicago PD Chief: Jussie Smollett Will be “Held Accountable” If Attack Exposed as Hoax



Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson said Tuesday that actor Jussie Smollett would face consequences if found to have filed a fake police report on a supposed attack on himself by Trump-supporting bandits.

The police chief’s remarks could serve as the strongest indicator yet that the Chicago Police Department are treating the attack- in which Smollett claims he was mobbed by a group of men wearing MAGA hats and chanting abuse- with a sense of skepticism.

Police investigating the incident are said to be subpoenaing Smollett’s phone records, as the actor claimed to have been on the phone with his manager during the event. He’s thus far refused to allow police to examine his phone, possibly substantiating or disproving his claims.

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Smollett also claimed that the attackers- who told him that “This is MAGA Country” in downtown Chicago- placed rope around his neck and doused him in a liquid substance. Investigators have determined that the rope Smollett claimed was used was recently purchased, and are inquiring with local retailers about sales of similar products.

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Thus far no suspects have been positively identified for the attack. Smollett was on surveillance camera footage for all but a 60-second window on the night the alleged attack took place- meaning he was assaulted, doused with liquid, and roped around the neck within that time, all while “fighting back” against his attackers.

Filing a false police report is a class four felony in the state of Illinois, and can get you a jail sentence in addition to hefty fines.


Left-Wing Scholar Pushes to Censor Social Media Accounts Opposing Child Sex Trafficking by Tying Them to QAnon Movement

This scholar is doing PR for predators.



Academic scholar Marc-André Argentino of the Global Network on Extremism & Technology is attempting to get social media accounts that are raising awareness of child sex trafficking thrown off of social media by tying them to the controversial QAnon movement.

Argentino is demonizing 114 groups that are raising awareness of child sex trafficking that he wants thrown off of social media because he claims they are affiliated with QAnon:

Argentino made it clear that he is concerned with protecting potential pedophiles from repercussions from their predatory actions against children:

He posted that he will be working on demonizing Christian, pro-life groups that are focused on stopping child sex trafficking next:

Darren Beattie of Revolver pointed out the agenda behind Argentino’s work. Argentino is aggressively demonizing activists who are raising awareness about the exploitation of children.

Big League Politics has reported on how establishment politicians from both major political parties have demonized the QAnon movement in an attempt to deflect from the depravity that they are engaging in behind the scenes:

Several Congressmen are going to war with the QAnon conspiracy theory.

On August 25, 2020, Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman and Democrat Congressman Tom Malinowski introduce a resolution to condemn the conspiracy movement and demand that law enforcement crack down on criminal activity that its supporters carry out.

Riggleman tweeted “QAnon and the conspiracy theories it promotes are a danger and a threat that has no place in our country’s politics. I condemn this movement and urge all Americans to join me in taking this step to exclude them and other extreme conspiracy theories from the national discourse.

The resolution describes QAnon as one of the “fringe political conspiracy theories” that authorities believe is likely to incite violence.

With several Republican candidates who have allegedly supported QAnon in the past now potentially making their way to Congress, establishment gatekeepers in both parties are becoming jittery.

Whether or not such conspiracies have validity is for curious Americans to decide through their own investigation.

The real question we should be asking is why a Republican like Riggleman is wasting his time trying to introduce a resolution with a Democrat?

After all, this is a time when there’s an existential threat of radical leftists tearing up the streets across the nation. This merits a full-fledged response from the GOP. Focusing on anything else is a complete waste of time and political capital.


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