Chicago Police Claim County Prosecutor Tried to Spike Smollett Hate Hoax Investigation

A Chicago police union is asking the Justice Department to investigate Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx for potentially seeking to spike the investigation into Jussie Smollett’s hate hoax.

The Chicago-area Fraternal Order of Police are questioning whether Foxx sought to have the investigation stunted by requesting that the local authorities hand the case over the FBI.

Foxx, the elected State’s Attorney for Cook County, then recused herself from the case in the thick of the investigation in February, citing “familiarity” with individuals involved in the incident.

Seeking to place an investigation into the hate hoax in the hands of the FBI could have been an effective plan to hush up the incident.

The federal agency has been hit hard by accusations of institutional leftist bias, and it’s possible elements within the Bureau could consigned a criminal case against Smollett- who now faces felony disorderly conduct charges related to lying to the police- to the dustbin.

An aide to former First Lady Michele Obama reached out to Foxx about the case during the investigation, expressing a preference for the FBI to marshal the investigation.

Text messages revealed that Foxx responded affirmatively, going on to request that the Chicago Police Department hand the case off as a potential hate crime.

The Chicago Police never found any evidence that a hate crime had actually occurred, and secured testimony from two Nigerian brothers, Ambimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, attesting that Smollett had hired them to fake the hate hoax.

Smollett, an actor, has since been indicted by a grand jury. He’s currently facing 16 felony charges in relation to the hoax, but it is possible county prosecutors could wrist-slap him with a plea deal.


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