Chicago Police Forced to Release Suspected Drug Dealer When Confronted by Angry Mob

Members of the Chicago Police Department we forced to release a suspected drug dealer upon being confronted by an angry, possible armed mob during a routine arrest.

“Chicago police on Tuesday said they were searching for a drug suspect who escaped arrest when a group of men threatened to harm the officer taking him into custody on the city’s West Side,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

There were two suspects involved. One who was being placed under arrest, and another who ran away with a bundle of suspected narcotics. One officer fled after the suspect who was running away from the scene. The lone officer was then reportedly surrounded by a mob that “implied that it had weapons.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, [the officer] backs away from the arrestee. An individual comes and grabs the arrestee and another individual comes and grabs the narcotics,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

A shot was reportedly fired a “short distance away” from the arrest scene as an intimidation tactic.

The Chicago Police Department has recently been at the center of national attention in relation to the Jussie Smollett investigation. The “Empire” actor had been charged with several felonies in a suspected hate crime hoax before all the charges were mysteriously dropped early last week, enraging the police department.

The saga is a deep one, involving political players as far up the ladder as Michelle Obama.

As for the mob rule incident, police eventually arrested four suspects, none of whom were the original suspected drug dealer.

“Officers responding to the scene chased four men about a half block from the scene and took them into custody, but all were later released without charges. None of the men was the drug suspect, who is known to police, and was named in an investigative alert for his arrest,” according to the report.

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