Chicago Police Union President Criticizes Democrat Politicians’ Hypocrisy for Not Housing Migrants In Their Properties

On August 24, 2023, Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara criticized Mayor Brandon Johnson and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker as “hypocrites” for not offering up their very own homes to shelter border crossers and illegal alien invaders.

Since the summer of 2022, over 12,000 border crossers and illegal alien invaders have reached Chicago. Currently, over 1,000 are still living in the city’s police stations. Catanzara asserted that this migrant housing move pursued by Johnson has effectively converted police officers into babysitters.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Catanzara called attention to how none of the freshly arriving border crossers and illegal alien invaders have been housed in Chicago City Hall, or at any of the properties that Pritzker owns across Illinois.

Pritzker has a net worth of roughly $4 billion owing to his family fortune. The Pritzker family is one of America’s wealthiest  families who struck it rich by taking ownership of the Hyatt multi-billion dollar hotel company.

“I don’t think there’s one single one of ’em living in City Hall — whether it’s on the county lobby floor or the City Hall floor. There’s certainly plenty of space to put a couple hundred in there, but I don’t see that happening in their workspace. But they certainly have no problem putting ’em in our workspace. Why be a hypocrite?” Catanzara said to the Sun-Times:

Particularly shocking was how Catanzara noted that it was “so ridiculous” that “there’s actually mail.” 

In order to receive mail, migrants are allegedly using police district addresses. Moreover, Catanzara noted that “CPS out there recruiting migrant children to register for CPS just to have that number in the next two weeks to grab as much tax revenue as they possibly can. Whether these kids come to school or not, they don’t care. This is all a big game to far too many people.” “The governor wants to make Illinois a sanctuary state. Where’s his money? He’s worth billions of dollars. … How many migrants has he taken into his countless properties and vast acreage all over the United States? Has he taken any migrant families? No. They’re all hypocrites at the end of the day,” the FOP president continued.

As a result of this mass migration wave, Chicago and Illinois taxpayers have been put on the hook for Open Borders Inc.’s negligent agenda.

On a prior occasion, Chicago officials refused to reveal how millions of local taxpayer dollars were splurged on border crossers and illegal alien invaders. After much pressure, members of Chicago’s leadership class eventually disclosed the city’s spending habits to CBS News. Of the roughly $110 million assigned to migrants, half of the funds went to staff, whereas $1.3 million was spent for security services.

Furthermore, roughly $160,000 was spent on laundry services for border crossers and illegal alien invaders, approximately $70,000 went to table and chair rental companies, $67,000 was spent on toilets and sinks, and $20,000 was used for spending on linens.

Indeed, the Democratic Party is showing its post-national ethos here. For these political elites, migrants must be privileged above Americans, especially law enforcement.

In addition, this latest episode demonstrates the elitist nature of mass migration, which benefits the rich through cheap labor, while the working classes must face downward pressure on their wages and have to bear the brunt of the anti-social behavior that migrants generally engage in. 

The only way to prevent a socio economic disaster from fully engulfing the US is for a proper nationalist regime to gain power and pass full-fledged immigration restriction measures.

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