Chicago’s Guaranteed Income Program will be Available to Illegal Aliens 

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge reported that Chicago’s guaranteed income experiment will now be available to illegal aliens. In effect, law-breaking invaders will now have the chance to apply to become one of 3,250 Cook county residents who will receive $500 monthly in cash assistance for two years. 

The program’s requirement only stipulated that applicants must be adults living in Cook County. They also must make less than 250% of the federal poverty level or less than $69,375 for a household of four, per a  Fox News report. 

On top of that, program applicants will not be asked about citizenship status.

“This pilot is open to all residents of Cook County, regardless of your immigration status. This means that if you are undocumented, or your household is a mixed-status household, and you meet the eligibility criteria above, you are eligible to participate,” the program website stated. The website added:

“We will not share information on immigration status with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.”

This program is currently being funded by the Biden regime’s American Rescue Plan created to help individuals affected by the Wuhan virus pandemic. 

Guaranteed income is just the latest economic scheme the cultural Left is using to buy votes and create a pliant underclass. On top of that, such an income program will likely be used as a way to modify people’s behavior and make sure that they follow the regime’s strictures. Individuals who act out of line i.e exercise their free speech by asking uncomfortable questions will likely be shut out from this program. 

As for illegal aliens, the ruling class already defends the interests of illegal alien invaders over those of legacy Americans. So it’s no surprise that illegals would be eligible for aid under this program. 

If we want to stop these kinds of programs from ever being implemented, the present political elite must be purged from positions of power.  

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