Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu Deletes Tweet Accusing Tom Brady of Vague Name Calling

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Tyrann Mathieu made an accusation of trash talk against Super Bowl champion and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady in a post-game tweet, only to delete the tweet containing the vague accusation almost immediately.

The two players had engaged in a heated confrontation after a touchdown pass during the game, which Brady appearing to suggest he’d be challenging Mathieu earlier during the game. Mathieu would be flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for his confrontation of Brady, which bordered on physical.

In a country as divided and sectarian as the United States, many were quick to assume Brady- who is White- used racially charged rhetoric against Mathieu. Mathieu didn’t bring the race card into the discussion himself, although it’s obvious that some would’ve spun the trash talk incident into a racial controversy.

Mathieu would go on to delete the accusatory tweet minutes after sending it. Brady was wearing a microphone during the game, and it’s possible that the Chiefs cornerback found out that anything that he himself or Brady said would’ve been recorded for posterity.

After the game, Mathieu played the victim despite being penalized, stating in a press conference that he “never really saw that side of Tom Brady, to be honest. But whatever. No comment. it’s over with. I’m done with it.

The Buccaneers ultimately dominated the game, winning 31-9 to win Brady his unprecedented seventh Super Bowl ring.

The sad thing is this almost assuredly would’ve been a racial controversy of some kind if Mathieu hadn’t deleted his tweet, and may still be. Brady is the definition of an American winner, and his track record of football excellence is known to arouse anger from perpetual left-wing discontents in the sports media and elsewhere.

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