Child Abuse: Lesbian Parents Force 10-Year-Old Son To Get Sex Change

A grandmother is desperately fighting to secure visitation rights to see her 10-year-old grandson, who she alleges now believes he is a girl.

Amanda Wilson alleges that young Jack Wilson is a victim of child abuse at the hands of current parent-guardians, two nominally lesbian “mothers” (only one parent is Jack’s birth mother Marissa), according to a report at Christian Post. The women married in┬áJune, 2013. Seven months into that marriage, Marissa’s spouse came out as transgender and started taking hormones. The couple separated last year, and hold joint custody of Jack.

Little Jack was on a weekend visit to his grandparents’ house in mid-December, 2016 at which time he exclaimed, “Grammy, my name is Jacquelyn.”

“Why is that your name?” Wilson, his grandmother (the petitioning party presently seeking visitation rights), asked Jack.

He replied: “Because I’m a girl now.”

“What makes you think you’re a girl?” she inquired.

“It’s my gender,” he said.

She pressed him: “Well, what’s a gender?”

He stared back at her, puzzled, and said: “I don’t know.”

Wilson has been denied access to her own flesh and blood two, full years. The age of majority not being attained, and the brain being still underdeveloped, parents — not the child — are considered that sole source of a child’s identity in the eyes of the law; in essence, parent-guardians Marissa and her transgender spouse “determined” with a brisk post on social media that Jack was now a “a girl.” Marissa also posted she would begin giving Jack puberty blockers in two years when he turned 9 — also an age well below those consider physically and mentally “complete.”

Jack’s “parents” posted a picture of Marissa’s spouse and Jack outside a children’s hospital that is home to one of the 55 transgender clinics now operating in the United States.

The social media account Wilson’s daughter had was deactivated and Wilson cleaned up her prose to conceal what many may interpret as physical abuse of a child.

Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural commentator Camille Paglia is a cautionary tale and (if preferred) “redemption” story, of what can go wrong with gender transformation and also, how current transgender mania is a historical sign of cultural collapse.

Paglia had the surgery, and reversed it, was an original feminist radical, part of the first wave movement that sparked the current gender zeitgeist on display.

She questions the wisdom of early medical & surgical intervention in cases like that of 8-year-old Jack Wilson, a boy whose age is well outside the established scientific thresholds for finished brain development required to begin defining the space that is popularly referred to as “gender” in today’s politically-correct lexicon.

For the reasons outlined, Paglia considers encouraging, directing, or cheerleading the adult-influenced concept of “sex reassignment” for young children to be abject “child abuse.” Further, Paglia’s research indicates that an explosion of so-called “gender identities” is a recurring sign of cultural collapse throughout the history of civilization.

“Everything is all about expanding women’s rights, but also terminating men okay and and defining men out of existence,” Paglia said, adding that “Masculinity is by definition toxic, doesn’t exist this is the proof of that.”
For the feminist trailblazer, respected worldwide for her reverse-trans experience, stories like now-10-year-old Jack Wilson come down to the following issues:
“Historically this movement toward androgyny occurs in late phases of culture okay [sic] as a as a civilization is starting to unravel okay [sic] and that you can find it again and again through history in the in in the in the Greek art okay [sic] you can you can see it happening … the sculptures of handsome nude young male athletes that used to be very robust okay in the archaic period suddenly begin to be seem like wet noodles … toward the end.”

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