Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Demand $1 Billion From FBI for Mishandling Larry Nassar Case

Child sexual abuse survivors are demanding $1 billion from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after they mishandled the Larry Nassar case.

The FBI turned a blind eye to credible accusations that Nassar was sexually victimizing children under his care as lead physician for USA Gymnastics. This allowed Nassar to prey on more children while federal authorities looked the other way. Now, the victims are demanding the FBI pay mightily for their misdeeds.

“It is time for the FBI to be held accountable,” said Maggie Nichols, a Nassar victim who was national champion gymnast at the University of Oklahoma.

“If the FBI had simply done its job, Nassar would have been stopped before he ever had the chance to abuse hundreds of girls, including me,” former University of Michigan gymnast Samantha Roy said.

Big League Politics reported on how the feds allowed their agents to skate with no repercussions after they turned a blind eye to Nassar and allowed the pedophile to victimize more children:

The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents who looked the other way while infamous pedophile Larry Nassar violated children will not be charged for their misdeeds.

The DOJ said on Thursday that following a “careful re-review of evidence,” the department “is adhering to its prior decision not to bring federal criminal charges.” 

“This does not in any way reflect a view that the investigation of Nassar was handled as it should have been, nor in any way reflects approval or disregard of the conduct of the former agents,” they added.

Even though they will have no accountability, the feds continue to pay lip service to victims regardless of their total inaction and willingness to allow predators to violate the innocent with impunity.

The DOJ said it will “continue to learn from what occurred in this matter, and undertake efforts to keep victims at the center of our work and to ensure that they are heard, respected, and treated fairly throughout the process, as they deserve,” adding that it will work with Congress to “help prevent events like this from taking place in the future and hold perpetrators accountable.”

Even if the FBI is forced to cough up $1 billion to the survivors who they wronged, it will just be paid off by the taxpayer. The deep state will never be held accountable until all of these satanic alphabet soup agencies are disbanded and agency leaders are put behind bars where they belong.

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