Child Victimized by Terrorist at Mall of America is Making Miraculous Recovery

Millions of Americans have been praying for little Landen Hoffman, and the power of prayer is paying off as the young tyke is reportedly making a miraculous recovery after being victimized so horrifyingly less than a month ago.

Hoffman, the 5-year-old white child who was grabbed by a black man and thrown 40 feet off a balcony at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, recently went through a five-hour long MRI scan, and doctors believe that injuries are not as bad as they once thought.

Mac Hammond, the family pastor for the Hoffman family, talked to the press and explained that the boy’s injuries are more akin to falling off of a bike than taking a 40 feet plunge off of a balcony, in what he believes to be an act of God.

Hammond says that there is “zero evidence of brain damage…there wasn’t even swelling in the brain.” The family’s attorney has not confirmed due to privacy concerns.

The terrorist who assaulted this child, Emmanuel Aranda, is currently in custody and facing attempted murder charges. He claims he committed this vicious attack because women wouldn’t give him dates, but a much more sinister motive may be afoot.

The fake news media is currently fomenting hatred against whites, dividing America in a last ditch effort to stay in power. CBS openly advocated terrorist violence against white people around the same time the attack occurred:

This followed dog-and-pony-show hearings to combat the alleged threat of “white nationalism” where racist Democratic Congressmen begged for more censorship, more profiling, and more hatred toward white Americans based on the color of their skin.

It took a black conservative woman in Candace Owens of Turning Point USA to set them all straight:

Another deranged anti-white terrorist has heeded the mainstream media and Democratic Party’s call for violence:

With the onslaught from the mainstream media and Democratic Party to demonize white people and encourage violence against them, they should be held as accomplices to the terrorist attack against Hoffman and for similar cases.

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