Children’s Cartoon ‘My Little Pony’ Now Has A Lesbian Horse Couple

My Little Pony Lesbian Horse Couple

In a true display of our stunning and brave clown world, children’s show “My Little Pony” has debuted a lesbian couple, teaching children that lesbian horse lives matter too.

The popular children’s cartoon, both enjoyed by young children, and strangely enough, older men called “bronies”, is celebrating Pride Month with an LGBT horse couple in one of its final episodes as the series comes to an end later this year.

Comics Beat reported:

At first glance one might be tempted to assume it’s a Sabrina the Teenage Witch situation i.e. two adult siblings as the legal guardians of their niece à la Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. But it soon becomes evident that Holiday and Lofty are not siblings or even in-laws but in fact a romantic lesbian couple. In case there’s any lingering doubt Michael Vogel, a writer/producer for MLP and former vice president of development for Hasbro, confirmed their relationship via Twitter.

Screen shots of the episode, which has not yet aired in the United States but has already treated overseas audiences, reveals images of the two female horses kissing.

Apparently the “couple” was first announced in a 2017 children’s book associated with the show, and the lesbian horses’ romantic relationship was confirmed by the author on Twitter.

Comics Beat also added that the show’s creator, Chris Nee, is a “proud and out lesbian” who believes it is very important to sexualize children’s programming, noting the importance of depicting “depict positive queer representation in children’s entertainment.”

While the left and their allies in their entertainment industry are attempting to do all they can to sexualize children, President Donald Trump’s administration recently arrested nearly 1,700 alleged child sex offenders in a massive operation spanning from April to May.