Chilling Censorship: 62% of Americans are Afraid to Express Their Political Views

A new survey from the Cato Institute/YouGov reveals that a wide majority of Americans fear speaking openly on their own political and social views, citing the threat of persecution from the cultural left and major corporations.

The poll, released Wednesday, reveals that a whopping 62% of Americans agree that “the political climate these days prevents them from saying things they believe because others might find them offensive.

In an even more shocking twist, half of ‘strong’ Joe Biden supporters believe that major corporations should fire anyone who donates to the Donald Trump campaign from their jobs, revealing the left’s cultural authoritarianism is nascent and vicious. Only 36% of ‘strong Donald Trump supporters say the same about employers and Joe Biden donors.

Self-identifying strong liberals are the only polled group that feels comfortable with expressing their corporately-approved views in the public sphere, with a majority of Americans of any other political persuasion fearing the consequences of political persecution.

52% of Democrats, 59% of Independents, and 77% of Republicans profess that they hold views they’re afraid to share in public.

Around 32% of all Americans fear voicing their political opinions could stifle their own career trajectory. Reports of self-censorship also come from majorities of Americans of every racial group with the exception of Black Americans.

While the Left’s addiction to silencing its political opponents and critics may be useful in granting it short-term power, it may end up that the silent majority of Americans sick of being bullied may tire of caving to a small minority’s cultural dictates.

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