CHILLING: Former FBI Assistant Director Calls for “Commission” to “Vet Presidential Candidates”

A former FBI assistant director called for the creation of a “bipartisan commission” that would “demand” candidates’ tax returns and “vet” presidential candidates as an election requirement during an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday morning.

Retired FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi made the argument, invoking discredited conspiracy theories regarding President Donald Trump’s finances and elaborate Russian-sponsored plots.

We got this wrong… And we can’t let this happen again.

Figliuzzi was speaking in reference to the felony leaking of one of President Trump’s yearly tax returns, ignoring that the documents revealed he pre-paid over a million dollars in taxes one year before he paid $750 in taxes. President Trump’s net worth has declined significantly while in office, explaining why he paid less in taxes than the average American.

The Deep State hack apparently is under the impression that the outcome of American federal elections is up to him, and him alone. Creating a commission that could restrict presidential candidates from running would be an unprecedented usurpation of democracy in the United States.

What Frank Figliuzzi seems to be suggesting is reminiscent of organizations used to ensure sham elections in third world countries, most notably Iran’s Guardian Council. That organization “vets” candidates in the Islamic Republic to ensure they’re sufficiently supportive of Islamist ideology, a standard that Figliuzzi wants to apply towards establishment neoliberal ideology in the United States.

The FBI has consistently shown itself to be a deeply suspicious threat to political expression. Americans and conservatives should look towards it with extreme suspicion, and consider the possibility that its abolition and replacement is a necessity.

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