China and Russia Plan on Tightening Bilateral Relations

In a phone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on October 27, 2022, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China has plans of bolstering cooperation with Russia at all levels.  

“China is ready to develop further its contacts with Russia at all levels and to provide for an uninterrupted development of the Russian-Chinese cooperation in all spheres in order to bring greater benefits to two countries and to secure stability amid the elusive peace,” Wang Yi declared in a statement that the Chinese Foreign Ministry published.

“China will be resolutely supporting Russia in the future so that under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, the Russian people overcome difficulties, remove all obstacles and put into practice their development strategy goals, as well as make further progress in strengthening Russia’s status as a power in the international arena,” the statement continued.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and China have greatly deepened their relations. Their growing relationship is largely the product of the US and the Collective West’s increasing belligerence towards them. As a result, China and Russia, along with Deep State targets such as Iran, have been drawn together to form a de facto Eurasian coalition that serves to balance against the Collective West.

This is a surprising development given how the Soviet Union and China broke ties during the Sino-Soviet split of the early 1960s.

Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have the same kind of diplomatic prowess that it possessed back during the Cold War. As a result, it has pushed Russia and China together to form a de facto anti-Western alliance. 

The US desperately needs a new class of foreign policy decision makers if it wants to bring some semblance of sanity to the way it conducts foreign affairs.

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