China-Backed TikTok Sues Trump Administration Over Executive Order Banning the Video App

The China-backed social media app TikTok is suing the Trump administration over an executive order banning it in the U.S. unless ownership is transferred.

“The administration ignored our extensive efforts to address its concerns, which we conducted fully and in good faith,” TikTok said in a press release regarding the lawsuit. “We do not take suing the government lightly, however we feel we have no choice but to take action to protect our rights, and the rights of our community and employees.”

Trump’s executive orders issued earlier this month forced ByteDance, the Chinese company that controls TikTok, to divest from the American operations of the company, and to ban transactions with the app within 45 days. TikTok believes that the administration lacks the authority to perform these actions on behalf of national security interests.

“As the U.S. government is well aware, Plaintiffs have taken extraordinary measures to protect the privacy and security of TikTok’s U.S. user data, including by having TikTok store such data outside of China (in the United States and Singapore) and by erecting software barriers that help ensure that TikTok stores its U.S. user data separately from the user data of other ByteDance products,” TikTok alleges in their complaint.

“The order is ultra vires because it is not based on a bona fide national emergency and authorizes the prohibition of activities that have not been found to pose ‘an unusual and extraordinary threat’,” they claim.

Microsoft and Oracle are reportedly in talks to purchase TikTok as a way to get around President Trump’s measures. TikTok has risen as a leader of social media entities pushing degeneracy on Western youth.

Big League Politics has reported on how TikTok is allowing hashtags promoting gender bending to children on their platform:

The Chinese-controlled TikTok social media app is fostering degeneracy in the West by design, and they are enabling pedophilia and gender bending among children by promoting the #FemBoys hashtag on the social media platform.

VICE profiled this Femboy fad as a “wholesome trend” in which gay and straight teenagers are encouraged to wear dresses and prance around for the delight of pedophiles worldwide.

“Femboys – not to be confused with their slightly more sinister cyber-cousin, e-boys – are people who identify as male or non-binary but present themselves in more traditionally feminine ways, such as through their appearance, personality or general disposition,” wrote VICE contributor Dani Ran.

“Look through the #femboy hashtag and you’ll find hundreds of young men wearing nail varnish, twirling in skirts, crop-tops and dresses,” Ran added.

VICE highlighted a seventeen-year-old femboy named Seth, who has been promoted on the platform under the hashtag #femboyfriday. The China-based company is providing a platform for these confused and unsuspecting children to essentially pimp themselves out to pedophiles.

“I wasn’t aware that there were tons of other boys like me, so the term [femboy] gave me a community,” Seth said to VICE.

“When I first started posting my femboy TikToks, the community was so accepting and kind and even loving. Everyone loved what I posted and loved what I wore, which boosted my confidence immensely and made me feel accepted,” a 16-year-old femboy who goes by the name Jaydden said.

But not everyone is on board with this sickening trend. Many concerned individuals are disgusted and pushing back against this China-enabled degeneracy that is taking hold across the West.

“Over time, my videos reached the wrong side of TikTok and I received thousands of hateful and homophobic comments,” femboy Jaydden said. “It made me feel horrible for just being me and expressing myself.”

Nevertheless, these femboys will continue to encourage other children to become fodder for predators and further the West down a dark road.

“The femboy trend on TikTok shows that more men nowadays are comfortable with their sexuality and masculinity, and that clothing does not define any of that,” Jaydden said. “People can wear what they want without threatening their masculinity.”

Seth agreed: “Men often conflate femininity with weakness, when that is not at all the case.” Dressing femininely makes him feel liberated from societal restraints, he explains, and “people need to see men disregard traditional norms to deconstruct the toxic beliefs they’ve been taught – visibility is the first step necessary for change”.

President Trump’s actions against TikTok are a good start but he needs to go after the entirety of Big Tech in order to protect American virtues from being violated.

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