CHINA-DEMOCRAT COLLUSION: Red Threat Focuses New Tariffs on Punishing Crucial 2020 States

As the trade war escalates, China is targeting tariffs to hurt pro-Trump states, including crucial swing states in America’s heartland, where President Donald Trump will need votes the most in order to win re-election in 2020.

China announced on Wednesday that the country will levy an additional 25 percent tariff on 106 American products, including pork, soybeans and aircraft, totaling $50 billion in U.S. dollars. This was done as a likely response to Trump’s announcement of tariffs on 1,333 Chinese products.

The soybean tariffs will prove particularly problematic to the U.S. economy, as they are currently the largest U.S. export to China. Rural states that overwhelmingly support Trump will be hit the hardest by China’s new push, which includes 25 percent levies on whiskey and tobacco that are designed to hurt the industry of Kentucky.

China will levy a 15 percent duty on ginseng, which will primarily hurt Wisconsin. Wisconsin produces roughly 85 percent of ginseng exports out of the U.S. to China, and it is one of the states that Trump needs to retain if he wants a second term of his presidency. Tariffs on automobile producers in Michigan are expected to have the same effect.

President Trump responded by focusing his ire on the policies of the Federal Reserve while strengthening his rhetoric against China and the U.S.-based corporations that do business in the hostile communist nation.

Despite what the Chinese communists and their Democratic partners have in store to punish the U.S. economy, Trump refuses to back down on trade as he remains dedicated to making America great again.

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