China Dominates Student Visas in US, Hundreds of Thousands Attending Now

John Binder of Breitbart News reported that China is the top exporter of foreign students to America.

In fact, it sends more of its students to the U.S. annually than Europe and Africa put together.

On a yearly basis, the U.S. issues approximately 800,000 F, M, and J visas to foreign students and their members, per State Department data. Approximately 30 percent of F visas were given to Chinese nationals in addition to 23 percent of all M visas.

Breitbart News previously reported that in any given year about 500,000 Chinese students in the U.S. are attending universities and then making efforts to eventually obtain Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorization to acquire entry-level jobs in white-collar professions.

In the Fiscal Year of 2019, about 117,000 Chinese nationals attained F visas to arrive in the states as students. The next country exporting its nationals to the U.S. as students is India. In 2019, over 46,000 Indian nationals received F visas.

China has maintained consistent domination of U.S. foreign student visa programs in the last few years.  For example, in 2018, over 110,200 Chinese nationals received F visas. Binder noted that “this is more than any country was able to secure by at least 50,000 visas.”

On April 26, 2020, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton called on the U.S. to review its issuance of visas to Chinese students during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

“It’s a scandal to me that we have trained so many of the Chinese Communist Party’s brightest minds to go back to China to compete for our jobs, to take our business, and ultimately to steal our property and design weapons and other devices that can be used against the American people,” Cotton stated.

“I think we need to take a very hard look at the visas that we give the Chinese nationals to come to the United States to study, especially at the post-graduate level in advanced scientific and technological fields,” Cotton added.

Similar to the F visa, China dominates the M and J visas, which allows for the U.S. to import foreign vocational education students and “cultural and educational exchange” volunteers and interns to get hired as camp counselors, au pairs, research scholars, professors, and teachers.

In 2019, China claimed more than 50,000 J visas and more than 2,200 M visas. Binder provided a big picture overview of what these numbers entail: “For perspective, this means that Chinese nationals got as many M visas for the year as all Europeans were able to secure.”

Similarly, Chinese nationals obtained more than 50,000 J visas and more than 2,400 M visas. According to the data, China is able to procure more J visas to send nationals to the U.S. during a single year than both North America and Africa put together.

It’s not just student visas where China dominates.

China is still the country with the second-highest number of green cards issued to its nationals during the last decade. Only Mexico tops it.

Although China has slightly pivoted from its previous era of Maoist totalitarianism, the country remains a geopolitical rival to America.

China has weaponized its immigration on previous occasions and has numerous nationals in the U.S. who engage in espionage.

If the GOP and Trump administration are serious about containing Chinese influence, they should be instantly pushing for a Chinese Exclusion Act of the 21st century.


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